Sons of the Forest continues to take Steam by storm and becomes the second Early Access game with the most simultaneous players in history – Sons of the Forest

One of the sensations of the moment is Sons of the Forest, a survival title with elements of survival horror. Many of the players who tried to purchase this game upon release were encountering various errors on Steam for several hours. In addition, it seems that all this has been worth it because its sales have accompanied with more than 2 million copies sold in the first 24 hours.

In this way, the video game developed by Endnight Games can boast of being almost at the top of Early Accessand it is that with the 411,999 players it has become the second most played game in history in terms of simultaneous players. As we see on Steam DB, Sons of the Forest is in second position, but still has a rival to beat.

Sons of the Forest

The 15 most played games on Steam in Early Access. (Screenshot taken from SteamDB)

First on the list is Valheim, who has gotten 502,387 players concurrently. In the image above we also see quite popular and well-known games such as V Rising and Project Zomboid, although we can’t forget to mention Baldur’s Gate 3, which is often in the news lately. Also present are 7 Days to Die and SCUM, among others.

Why is Sons of the Forest a success?

One of the keys to this title is that throughout the adventure you will be accompanied by an ally, but best of all, this NPC has been the subject of many funny moments. For this and many other reasons, Sons of the Forest has achieved great statistics on Twich, and that is that its map, 4 times larger than the previous title, has captivated users due to the large number of mysteries it houses.