Sons of the Forest – How to Maximize Kelvin’s Efficiency to Accumulate Resources – Sons of the Forest

Building the more complex structures in Sons of the Forest can take us a lot of time if we choose to play in the single player mode. Between cutting trees, collecting logs, leaving them, and going back for more, we can spend a lot of time, and that not counting visits from cannibals or the mutants to our camp.

Fortunately, we have Kelvin. Although it cannot help repel attacks, in calm moments it can help us with the collection of raw materials for construction while we dedicate ourselves to making what we need, or vice versa. In this post I explain how to make the most of our deaf ally.

How to ask Kelvin for help in Sons of the Forest

If we are not soulless, one of the first things we have to do As soon as you start any game in the Endnight Games game, you have to help Kelvin after the helicopter crash. It is worth that he has lost the ability to speak and hear (although curiously he finds out many times before us where do the threats come from), but the real advantage of having him with us is that he can take care of a number of collection or construction tasks depending on what we want to do.

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Kelvin can pick up almost anything: from sticks and logs with which to create different structures, to fish if we are settled near a river or lake with fish in it. The fact is that we have different options to ask for what we need, although specifying where you have to leave it can be a nuisance; the logs will roll down slopes and we have to be careful when asking him to go look for an object since they will accumulate and he might not leave them where we need them so that we can be agile.

Filling material containers

Fortunately, among the structures and tools that we can create in the construction modes of the game, there are two that they will make it much easier for us -or rather, to Kelvin- the collection and storage of the raw materials that we need. To build them will not be necessary other materials than sticks.

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The first is the recipient for the sticks themselves. Once built we can tell Kelvin that he leave the sticks that he finds in it to always have a surplus in case of need. It is not the only one, but at the beginning it would be convenient to have between two or three of these to take advantage of that leave and create a fence and defenses against cannibals.

The other one we should create is its equivalent but for the logs. Although we can ask you to leave them near where we are or to give them directly to us, that could delay us, or get lost if, as we have already said, we are on a slope; they will roll and get lost either in a body of water or back into a wooded area (harder to see in brush).

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But if we build this deposit or several of them, Kelvin will deposit the logs he collects in them if we specify that you leave them there. In this way we can focus on building the structures. of course there is other types of containers for other materials, such as rocks or even bones; everything is in the notebook.

We could also ask him to will finish the constructions what we are doing (as long as let’s do them in template mode) while we collect the raw materials, although there is a risk that he wants to cut down some of the trunks that we have used as the base for said structure and we have to add a new Kelvin glitch clip on social networks.

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General advice on the use of Kelvin

Despite his versatility, Kelvin he has no ability to defend himself from attacks by cannibals or mutants. If there are problems, it will flag it first, then move away from the area to avoid taking damage. It could also happen that the cannibals attacked him and left him badly injured, with the risk that he could die (something that you can remedy by loading the game or following the advice in this other guide).

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When you ask him to do any task, try toyou don’t have to go far to fulfill it. Also do not forget that just like you need to eat, drink and rest. But you give him breaks, his health levels will drop, and in the event of an attack by cannibals he may not take more than one hit. From time to time, tell him to take a break to sit by the fire, eat and drink. That way, if there’s trouble, it’ll take a few hits before help can arrive, and also will work faster and efficient.