South American notes enchant the Grand Théâtre d’Albi

the essential
Last night, the Grand Théâtre welcomed two new pearls of French jazz with Frédéric Robert and his quartet and accordionist Lionel Suarez who revisited the world of Carlos Gardel.

Albi jazz festival at the Grand theatre, act II. After the masterful performances of Macha Gharibian and Thomas de Pourquery, the place was wide open to Lionel Suarez and Frédéric Robert. Yesterday evening, we took the destination of South America, with a stopover in Argentina and a second in Brazil.

Off to Rio de Janeiro with the Frédéric Robert Quartet. who will offer us the best melodies of Brazilian jazz, guided by the voice and scat of the young singer Elora Antolin. A superb voice that goes in unison with South American tempos with support from Antoine Hervier on the piano, Guillaume Souriau on the double bass and Frédéric Robert on the drums. Up-to-the-minute musicians string together solos to the delight of the public. The pieces follow each other, neatly. But we have the impression that each song resembles the previous one. Same tempo; same rhythm. That didn’t stop the public from joining. Applause provided, A return to the stage of the singer who offers a last text a cappella. In the end, everyone is happy.

God it’s beautiful

Place now Lionel Suarez and his trio. They arrive, they are ready to revisit the world of Carlos Gardel. “Argentinians and Urugayans dispute his paternity. Hush… For us he was born in Toulouse.” The notes parade, posed, magnificent between the accordion of Suarez, the trumpet of Airelle Besson, and the cello of Vincent Ségal. “This adventure began more than ten years ago,” says Lionel Suarez. “One day, I called Vincent to see if he wanted to be part of the adventure. He asked me what day we were recording. When I gave him a date, he said great. The day before, I’m with Sting and the next day with Elvis Costello.” This is to say the quality of this group. And note after note, we let ourselves be lulled by the musicality, the happiness of these melodies that take you to distant but so beautiful lands.