Spanish gastronomy conquers Jon Favreau: “You have the most incredible food in the world!”

The creator of ‘The Mandalorian’ declared himself a “fan” of Spanish dishes during the fan meeting in Madrid.

season 3 of The Madalorian It has already started on Disney+. The first episode of the new installment of the series starring Pedro Pascal is now available on the streaming platform. On the occasion of this long-awaited premiere, Jon Favreau He was in Madrid last week where he had a meeting, attended by SensaCine, with fans to talk about fiction. An event in which Favreau He declared himself a fan of Spanish food, but above all from the tapas like broken eggs.

The event presented by Alejandro G. Calvo, director and critic of SensaCine, was full of emotions for those present from the moment Favreau walked through the door. The created of The Mandalorian greeted those present and acknowledged that it was the first time he came to the capital. “How are you? Thank you Madrid. You have the most incredible food in the world!”, he confessed to applause.

“Which cover of the ones you have tried is your favorite?” asked the students of the ECAM (School of Cinema of the Community of Madrid). “I think that I haven’t eaten enough and I don’t know the names. The broken eggs, the garlic prawns, the Iberian ham… I’m a fan of everything and I have to go back to answer this question correctly!”, Favreau acknowledged to the applause of those present.

Let’s remember that Favreau is the protagonist along with chef Roy Choi of the Netflix documentary series, The Chef Show. A docusiere where both test recipes and cooking techniques and share meals with important celebrities from around the world. And it is that, the creator and director has confessed on more than one occasion to be a big foodieso we are not surprised by the question from the ECAM students.

The goal of ‘The Mandalorian’: bring together all the fans of ‘Star Wars’

Favreau acknowledged that he grew up with the world of Star Wars and all the myths that influenced George Lucas. “One of the things I’ve heard the most is George Lucas talking about the influence of westerns. He is a brilliant man. Dave and I talked about not cheating. starwars, but if his influences: John Ford, Sergio Leone, Akira Kurosawa…”, confessed the creator and director before the watchful eye of those present.

How, when and what time to see season 3 of ‘The Mandalorian: this is how the chapters will be broadcast on Disney +

“Our goal is to bring all the fans together no matter what they like. We want them to know that we respect the canon, and that we want everyone to feel included,” said Favreau. He also stressed the importance of making plots elaborate enough, but at the same time simple, so that they can be understood by the youngest. “Most of our conversations are not: ‘What? This makes sense in Star Wars? Is this a story of Star Wars?'”, Favreau acknowledged that for this they have experts in the prequels and sequels of the saga.

We never want to close the door on new fans.

In addition, Favreau declared that “we will never deny being leaders in technology, but Star Wars It’s a combination of the old and the new.“. “In Star Wars you can have a puppet like Grogu, who despite his high technology, still looks like a puppet. I don’t think a character like that could be in other kinds of movies. I don’t think you can see a character like that in a Marvel movie,” settled the creator of The Mandalorian.

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