‘Spencer’: Horror, melodrama and Kristen Stewart. This is the story of the last Christmas of Lady Di in the English Royal Family

The film is directed by Pablo Larraín (‘Jackie’) and hits theaters tomorrow, Friday, November 19.

Friday morning, November 19th, reaches the movie theaters Spencer, a film about Lady Di directed by Pablo Larraín (Jackie). The title was screened at the San Sebastián Film Festival, and now, on the occasion of its premiere in Spain, we had the opportunity to chat with its director and learn what it was like to capture a brief fragment of the life of Diana Spencer, embodied in Kristen Stewart, on the big screen.

“‘Spencer’ is a film about Diana’s identity,” argues the filmmaker. His fascination for this public figure made his interest none other than taking him to the big screen with a guion de Steven Knight. Despite the fact that in recent years the story of Diana Spencer has regained strength and appears in different documentaries or in the last season of the series The Crown, Larraín believes that even so “we know very little about her“.

The film follows Lady Di in his last Christmas with the English Royal Family, and the crisis that he experienced during those days and that made him consider his marriage and his permanence in court. Those days were a before and after in Diana’s life and it was the final trigger to break with everything and leave. “‘Spencer’ is a film based on just three days of his life, for this reason we found it interesting that the film wandered in its own perception of reality.”

Throughout the film the different genres such as horror and drama they become intertwined as tension increases in the plot. These elements were key and a claim for the filmmaker to see very clearly that “something very interesting” could be done and that it would break with everything that had been done so far. “At the end of the film more light appears, that’s when she begins to regain her identity. During that journey there is darkness that is where they appear elements of panic and terror very similar to the one she was able to experience at that time. ”

If a determining element was the prism through which they wanted to portray their history, as much or more so was the person chosen to give life to that icon. This time it was Kristen Stewart, who rose to fame for her role as Bella in the saga Twilight, but since then she has shown her versatility when it comes to choosing roles like Lady Di. “She is an actress that reminds me of actresses from the 50s and 60s. An old school actress, and I think that speaks volumes about her style and her acting skills.“.

There are some people who are surprised because we invited her to make the film. I have always thought that she is an impressive actress and is someone who has a lot of mystery in the cinema and talent, but above all the enigma

Although the film does not lose focus and does not deviate from Diana’s gaze in those days, Larraín also reflects on how, in addition to being a title on how “she recovers her identity and is able to overcome a family as powerful as the English Royal Family”, but also “it’s a movie about motherhood, and I say it as a woman that I am not, but as a son and also as a father in the sense that he was able to overcome to protect his family and that I find it very powerful“.

Spencer opens tomorrow Friday in movie theaters, on these lines Do not miss the trailer of the movie.