‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’: Zendaya reveals the desired ending for her character

The actress agrees with Tom Holland that her character’s fate could have been different.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, the latest Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland, has become a box office hit. Such has been the reception by the public and critics, that its protagonist has already signed for three more solo installments.

After a heart-stopping outcome, the audience will have to wait a while until they see Holland again in the disguise of the wall-crawler. It is still unknown what will be the fate of the protagonist and his fate, as well as that of his companions, as is the case with MJ. Recently, in an interview with Marvel.com Zendaya, actress who plays Spider-Man’s friend and girlfriend she broke her silence about the ending she would have wanted for her character and the film.

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Sorry I wanted Peter and MJ to go to college [juntos]“, assures the actress. The separation to which the young couple were forced to undergo was one of the most critical moments of the film, and one that will mark a before and after in the history of Spider-Man. Holland, who was with Zendaya in the interview, supported her partner by ensuring that he had the same opinion:

I wanted them to have a happy ending. We are still here, we feel good. We are proud of the movie. It would have been very nice for them to go to college and swing at sunset. Unfortunately that’s the way it is

In the controversial comic book story ‘One More Day’, which inspired the creation of the film’s script in a way, Peter and Mary Jane were forced to give up their relationship to fix a serious problem in Peter’s life, but the couple ends up meeting again. If Zendaya remained in the following installments of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, It may not be the end for Peter and MJ either.