Spielberg has taken 20 years to shape ‘The Fabelmans’: his most personal film is sweeping, but we still can’t see it

The director got down to work -seriously- during the confinement due to the pandemic and had the script prepared in record time.

“Someday you’re going to make a movie about this” screenwriter Tony Kushner told Steven Spielberg in 2004 after the director told him his life story. 20 years later, he’s killing it. The Fabelmans It’s the director’s autobiographical film we’ve all been waiting to see, but when?

The bad news is that in Spain the premiere is scheduled for February 10, three months after it was released in the United States. We have a month left to see how the film triumphs at the different awards galas that take place this month -Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice Awards, Oscar nominations- before we can enjoy it on the big screen.

When Jushner told Spielberg that he would end up making a film about his life, he probably didn’t know that two decades later he would find himself stuck at home due to a global pandemic while shaping the memoirs of the greatest director of all time. “We wrote three days a week, four hours a day and finished the script in two months – the fastest I’ve ever finished anything. It was great. I loved it”says the screenwriter.

On the other side of the barrier was Steven Spielberg giving her his heart. His parents had been scolding him for a long time because they wanted him to make a movie about them before they died. In the context of the pandemic, something changed in the director’s mind and he decided that it was the right time. None of his parents are still alive, but that doesn’t stop him from honoring his memory.

I started seriously thinking that if I had to do a movie that I haven’t done yet, something that I really wanted to do on a very personal level, what would it be? My life with my mom and dad taught me a lesson that I hope this movie teaches,” he assures The Hollywood Reporter“When does a young person in a family begin to see their parents as human beings? It happened to me between the ages of 7 and 18, when I began to appreciate my mom and dad not as parents, but as real people” .

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On the evening of January 10, 1952, in Haddon Township, New Jersey, Mitzi and Burt Fabelman take their young son Sammy to see his first movie at the theater: The Greatest Show on Earth by Cecil B. DeMille. The young man is shocked and begins to film his own films. This is how this beautiful account of Spielberg’s childhood in the United States of the 50s begins, giving us a glimpse of how he became the beloved filmmaker.

Like many other Spielberg movies, The Fabelmans breathe nostalgia and love for cinema. He has managed to agree with the critics an almost perfect score -92% on Rotten Tomatoes, 84 on Metacritic- and, after sweeping the Golden Globes, is preparing to be the big winner of this year’s Oscars.