“STALKER 2 became something much bigger after the invasion began”, its creators explain how many made it out of Ukraine – STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl

Not much news about STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl usually comes out and that is synonymous with the fact that they are quite busy with development of the game. The latest trailer reassured the fans a lot because the invasion of russia It has only complicated things. However, GSC Game World has used this unfortunate event to reverse the situation.

The game’s lead producer, Maria Grygorovych, has given an interview to Wired and revealed that STALKER 2 “became incomparably largest after the start of the invasion. It is now a national product, intended to prove that Ukraine is not only exceptionally effective and courageous on the battlefield, but equally valuable in the sense of cultural legacy“, he maintains.

In addition, he has also explained how it was your evacuation plan: “Emergency buses were ready at the GSC office throughout the winter, with ready drivers for action. The evacuation plan with all the times and meeting points was also ready. Employees were aware of their organizational responsibilities should action be required.”

stalker 2

The Gamer collects that the company offered its employees take refuge in a smaller city called Uzhhorod. Fortunately, said location was much further away from the war fighting and somewhat closer to the different evacuation points. This offer was very positive because 200 employees and their respective families left and got to safety. In fact, the team is currently divided between Ukraine and the Czech Republic (Prague).

They have also pointed out that some developers are fighting Russian forces. In fact, a member of the study recently passed away. “Some people living in the kyiv region were confident that Bucha or Irpin would be relatively safe in any scenario. In the end it was a miracle that we convinced them to leave, considering all the terror that followed,” says Grygorovych.


The global count of people evacuated between workers, families and pets is 500 people: “Renting a car was an almost impossible task, and the train and bus stations were flooded with people,” says the directive. Furthermore, the GSC managers only slept 3-4 hours a day as the rest of the day they were ensuring a safe exit for GSC. “The emotional overflow came much later, when most of the evacuation process was completed,” says the directive.

A game conditioned by war

Many of us still remember that this title has been delayed a couple of times, and one of the reasons that it arrives later is because of the ukrainian war. We know that the development of the title continues, despite having difficulties due to the war circumstances. Although some players have received refunds, their creators have reassured them by pointing out that Microsoft’s policies require return the money of pre-orders with no specific release date.