Star Academy returns from October 15 on TF1: what we already know

the essential
Announced for months by TF1, the “Star Academy” will be broadcast every Saturday evening from October 15 on TF1. The son of Jean-Jacques Goldman will be the director of the castle where the students will have lessons.

The return of the “Star Ac” is coming soon. The date was made official by TF1. Fourteen years after its last broadcast on TF1, the music show will make its big comeback on Saturday October 15, 2022 at 9:10 p.m. It will be broadcast every Saturday evening for several weeks. Objective: to train singers and designate a big winner. The winner will win 100,000 euros and a contract for an album with Sony music.

Nikos Aliagas at the presentation

As in the 2000s, Nikos Aliagas will present the bonuses on Saturday evening. He will be the master of ceremonies who will welcome the students, launch their performances and welcome the guests. Every Saturday evening, three students will be on the hot seat. The first will be saved by the viewers, the second by his comrades, the third will leave the adventure.

Bounties and a daily

The “Star Academy” will be broadcast in prime time on Saturday evening at 9:10 p.m. but also daily. Viewers will be able to follow the daily work of the pupils in song, dance and theater from Monday to Friday between 5:30 p.m. On MyTF1, a dedicated feed will make it possible to follow the candidates as closely as possible. The channel did not reveal the number of planned broadcast weeks.

Thirteen students

The class will be made up of only thirteen students. A first candidate name was unveiled a few days ago. The young Enola was in the audience of “Dancing with the stars” and Nikos Aliagas announced to her live that she was part of the cast. The other candidates are not yet known.

Michael Goldman, director

The candidates will be led by Michael Goldman. Jean-Jacques Goldman’s son founded MyMajorCompany, which produced Joyce Jonathan or Gregoire. Today he directs Tipee which allows internet users to subsidize creations on the web. He will be surrounded by five teachers and two coaches.

The famous castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys

As in the 2000s, the “Star Academy” will take place during the week in the Paris region at the Château de Dammarie-lès-Lys in Seine-et-Marne. Endemol France, which produces the show with DMSLSTV, has planned to completely redecorate the interior.

Celine Dion in “Star Ac”?

Nothing is official but the gossip magazine Here is reports that TF1 could be in negotiations to bring Celine Dion to the “Star Academy”. The Canadian has been away from the scene for several years due to her health problems. The magazine claims that a special evening could be organized around Celine Dion and that her hit “I will go where you will go” would be the promo anthem. To be continued over the next few weeks.