Starfield is “more ambitious than expected” and exceeds everything Bethesda has done so far, according to the first to try it

One only has to take a quick look at the release list to realize that 2023 is aiming very high and that space themed it’s recurring: we have Dead Space Remake right around the corner and Starfield doesn’t seem too far away. Very recently it reaffirmed its launch in the coming months and very soon we will have a game only event.

In this context, testers (professional developers/players who test games for bugs) have shared their impressions after playing Starfield. It has been Colteastwood, host of the XNC-Xbox News Cast Podcast, who has shared some statements in a recent episode of his podcast.

Colteastwood says that he has received feedback from some testers of Starfield with whom you have contact and who have been mostly very positive. They are very impressed and assure that Starfield “exceeds all expectations” and that “it is much more ambitious” than they expected.

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So much so, that many of the testers who did not trust the project too much have ended up having much more confidence. This does not mean that it is perfect, but that it has exceeded the first expectations. On the other hand, they point out that Starfield is an improvement regarding all of Bethesda’s work so far, highlighting the franchises of fallout Y The Elder Scrolls.

In closing, Colteastwood notes that he doesn’t want to inflate fan expectations, but he does want to point out that the feedback he’s received is very positive. Now we have to wait for starfield event for Bethesda to reveal more details and, if all goes well, the final release date.