Starfield will have high doses of violence and even drug use. Or so says his +18 rating in Australia

All video games have to go through official agencies to receive age restrictions, which we know as the PEGI. The same thing happens with movies and series, for example. Well, Starfield has already been classified by the Australian organization and has received an R18+. What have you done, Bethesda?!

When official organizations rate a video game, they usually take into account six categories, as explained by VGC: sex, nudity, controversial issues, language, violence and drugs. The impact (light, moderate, high or strong) that each of these categories has affects the final result of the qualification.

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In this sense, Starfield it received a very light impact for sex and nudity, a moderate impact for controversial issues and foul language, and a strong impact for violence. Although it seems strange, it is usually a common picture in many video games. It has been the high impact on “drug use” that has tipped the balance towards the qualification R18+ or +18.

We do not know what the aforementioned “drug use” or “drug use” implies. If we take other Bethesda games like Fallout 4 as a reference, we could use substances to heal us, alter our physical state and distort reality. Let’s remember that the Fallout saga has always had PEGI 16. On the other hand, Skyrim (2021) also received this rating for “strong horror and violence themes”.

The +18 rating implies that there is not only sensitive content for minors, but also for adults. We will be very aware of what happens with the rest of the organizations and with a view to its launch, which will take place on September 6, 2023 for Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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