Starfield’s release date is something only Bethesda knows about, but they’ve made it clear they’ll announce it “very soon” – Starfield

Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of all 2023so we are not surprised to learn that thousands of users are attentive to the social networks of Bethesda Y Microsoft in case they decide to share more information about their space RPG. So far, we know that the technology company is preparing an event for January 25 that will focus on some of the titles that will be released in the coming months, and Starfield will have a separate broadcast that will delve into several of its novelties.

Although we still cannot know what the contents of this presentation will be, there are not a few players who are waiting for the reveal of the Starfield release date. And, although this theory is more than widespread, Bethesda has wanted to reiterate this possibility through his Latin American Instagram account. Responding to a user who asks for the game’s release day, the studio replies that “we will announce it very soonwe are preparing a special game event.”

In this way, there is only one question to be resolved: when will this broadcast dedicated to Starfield take place? At the moment, we have no choice but to wait for those responsible for the delivery to solve this mystery through a statement on their social networks, so we will be attentive to all their steps on the Internet.

Starfield will launch in the first half of 2023

What we do know for sure is that the launch of Starfield is scheduled for some time in the first half of 2023and Bethesda does not hesitate to repeat this data to encourage the players for the coming months. While we wait for the final date to be revealed, we can dream about the space trips that we will carry out in the installment, since the developer studio has shared enough data to excite fans of experiences between the stars. If you want to be aware of everything they have said so far, do not hesitate to read our article with everything you need to know about Starfield.