‘Stay by my side’ and 7 other series and films just as addictive and based on the stories of Harlan Coben that are already on platforms

The work of the American writer has been adapted numerous times and will continue to be as part of his agreement with Netflix. We tell you where you can see them.

It didn’t take long Netflix to re-release a series adaptation of the work of the author Harlan Coben after the premiere in spring 2021 of what was one of the great bets for the streaming platform’s own production in the past year: The innocent, starring Mario Casas and Aura Garrido, barely needed the weekend of its debut to sneak into the most popular and, in the same way, the ‘thriller’ Stay by my side has quickly returned to the coveted Netflix Top 10.

The first big surprise of 2022, it only took a few days to be available on the platforms to start taking giant steps towards the top positions. stay by me This is a dramatic miniseries that follows the story of three people with seemingly perfect lives, but who hide some dark secrets that no one could have suspected.

If you got hooked on The innocent and now you’re crazy with stay by me, You may be interested to know that the story of Harlan Coben that adapts the Netflix series is not the only work by the American author that has had a version for the small or the big screen. Next, we compile all the stories of the writer that have had an audiovisual version so that you can continue “bathing in Coben” a little more.

‘The Innocent’ (2021)

An intense ‘thriller’ in the form of a miniseries which, inspired by Coben’s novel of the same name, turned out to be a story full of twists and turns capable of blowing the audience’s heads off more than once and twice. The starting point of the story is the discovery by its protagonist, Mat (Mario Casas), that his wife and future mother of their baby, Olivia (Aura Garrido), may not be who they say they are. A strange call from his mobile phone will be the starting gun for a frenetic and harrowing story, in which his past does not stop haunting him: Years ago he had to serve a sentence for having caused the death of a young man.

Where to see it: and Netflix.

‘Don’t tell anyone’ (2006)

The first adaptation of a work by Harlan Coben was the French film Do not tell anybody, from 2006. The film, directed by Guillaume Canet and starring François Cluzet and Marie-Josée Croze as their main characters, is based on the novel Don’t tell anyone (Tell No One) published in 2001.

The film is about a suspense ‘thriller’ that tells the story of Alejandro, a brilliant doctor who takes refuge in the hospital where he works with the aim of overcoming the loss of his wife, who has really been taken away from him. tragic. When he believes that there may be justice for the crime, he finds that the case is abruptly closed when a murderer who has confessed seven crimes but not Margot’s is charged with death. Eight years later, Alejandro receives a video in real time in which his wife is still alive.

Where to see it: on Amazon Prime Video

‘Last Chance’ (2015)

This French miniseries broadcast in 2015 by the TF1 network had a six-episode season and, in addition to being based on a novel by Harlan Coben, it also had the writer as its creator. The book by the American author on which it is based Last chance It bears the same name and its title in original version is No Second Chance. It was published in 2003.

The Franco-American co-production starred Alexandra Lamy and Pascal Elbé and chronicled how the life of its protagonist, Dr. Alice Lambert, changes overnight the day she falls into a coma. Eight days after someone entered her home and heard gunshots, Alice wakes up to the terrible news: her husband is dead and her daughter is missing. From that moment and pointed out by many as the culprit, the protagonist embarks on a race against time to save her daughter from a baby trafficking organization while the police are hot on her heels.

Where to see it: on Amazon Prime Video

‘Don’t talk to strangers’ (2020)

Adaptation of the novel Don’t talk to strangers (The Stranger) published in 2015, Do not talk to strangers is the first title that is part of its collaboration agreement with Netflix, which also includes The innocent by Oriol Paulo. The agreement was signed in 2018 and will last for five years, within which 14 of his works will be turned into series or movies on the streaming platform.

In the series Don’t Talk to Strangers released in January 2020, Richard Armitage plays Adam Price, a man whose seemingly perfect life falls apart on any given night. His family life with his wife and two children is fantastic, but one night a stranger approaches him in a bar and confesses something terrible that he did not expect about his wife.

Where to see it: and Netflix

‘Forest Inside’ (2020)

Adaptation of the novel El bosque (The Woods) published in 2007 is another of the adaptations resulting from the Netflix-Coben agreement. In the same way that El Inocente is a series produced by Netflix Spain, Forest Inside is a series from Netflix Poland and was released in June 2020. As in other of his projects, Coben has been strongly involved with the project, being executive producer of the Serie.

The plot that is told in Inside Forest takes place between 1994 and 2019 and at its center we find Paweł Kopiński, a Warsaw prosecutor who, 25 years after his sister disappeared without a trace, still hopes to find her one day. Unexpectedly, one day a young man appears dead, a murder victim, who disappeared with his sister the day they both entered a forest during a summer camp and were never seen again.

Where to see it: and Netflix

BONUS: ‘The Five’ + ‘Safe’

They are not based on novels by Harlan Coben, but they are created by the prolific American writer.

‘The Five’

British miniseries broadcast in 2016 on the British network Sky, The Five is also included within the crime drama genre to tell us the story of a group of friends who star in a terrible incident that will always accompany them. Many years after the disappearance of one of them, the protagonists have to go through the drink of remembering the past when their DNA appears at the scene of a crime.

Where to see it: Unfortunately, it is not freely available on any platform.


Created by Harlan Coben and released on Netflix in 2018. You will remember Safe for being the series starring the former de Dexter, Michael C. Hall, also for Netflix. In it, the acclaimed actor played a father who, having lost his wife, must face family life and his two teenage daughters. However, the day one of them disappears without a trace, Tom Delaney’s life is turned upside down, while terrible secrets that can change everything come to light.

Where to see it: and Netflix