‘Stay by my side’: Why did Netflix decide to change the ending of the story?

Harlan Coben’s adaptation of the novel of the same name introduces a significant change in its final twist.

stay by me, the new adaptation of one of Harlan Coben’s works developed by Netflix, has been available on the streaming platform for a couple of weeks and, although it is not the absolute leader in Spain, the truth is that there are already many who have been strongly hooked in our country and keep it fixed in the first positions of the most popular. The series, an addictive mystery thriller, lands on the platform several months after another Coben adaptation, The innocent Directed by Oriol Paulo and starring Mario Casas, it debuted with great success in May 2021. Both are part of a Netflix agreement for the adaptation of novels and short stories by the acclaimed author.

The series that must be seen on Netflix: it is the new adaptation of Harlan Coben and its cast is the most

While El Inocente was Spanish and spent in Spain, in Stay by My Side we moved to the United Kingdom to meet three very different characters: Megan, a working woman who raises her three children; Ray, a brilliant photographer but trapped in a suffocating job; and Broome, a detective who has failed to overcome an unsolved case. The lives of the three characters seem normal, but they all share with each other that they hide dark secrets.

The trigger for the story is the reappearance in Megan’s life of an old friend, Lorraine, who arrives accompanied by shocking news that directly affects the three characters. From that moment, twists, revelations, and various dangers take over the narrative, shaping a story of madness in which everything seems possible.

Interestingly, although the Netflix ‘thriller’ is based on the novel by Harlan Coben -whose original title is Stay Close-, one of the twists of the shocking ending that puts the finishing touch to the eight episodes that make up the series is not part of the book.

Eye! Here are key details of ‘Stay by My Side’, so if you haven’t finished it, you’d better stop reading now.

Although the outcome to the twisted plot that had been woven throughout the eight episodes is the same that Coben created for his novel, there is a second turn of the screw that is not part of the book, but has been designed for the Netflix series.

At “first” turn of the denouementWhen Detective Michael Broome (James Nesbitt) discovers that Ken (Hyoie O’Grady) has been stalking his girlfriend Lorraine (Sarah Parish) with the intention of murdering her, he runs home to save her. Upon arrival, Broome sees the bloodstained carpet and assumes the worst, but what she discovers is that her girl defended herself against her attacker and that, by her admission, she has been the serial killer all this time. During his confession at the police station, the detectives mention that they did not find Carlton Flynn’s body with the rest of the corpses, although Lorraine assumes responsibility for his murder.

So far so good. Now, What does the Netflix series add?

As it is discovered in the end, Carlton’s death is actually the result of the actions of other characters in stay by me, since he was accidentally and unknowingly murdered by Dave Shaw (Daniel Francis). A last minute twist that was not in the book.

The reason the Netflix series team has made this essential change is unknown., although it seems likely that the intention was add extra complexity to the mere answer that Lorraine had been the killer all along. As they reflect from the website ScreenRantWith this final twist, the series offers something more, complicates the task for increasingly expert viewers to solve the enigma on their own and differs from other series of the similar genre, such as Mare of Easttown. Likewise, the final twist breaks with the expectations of the viewers and also of the readers, who during the course of the series have already realized that the series does not follow the novel to the letter.

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