Steam Deck wants to save you download times thanks to its new feature

Since its release in February of last year, the Steam Deck has established itself as one of the pieces of most interesting hardware that the PC has seen in recent years. Valve knows that he has a diamond in the rough on his hands, and so he diligently updates it. Now, its latest update hints at a new feature that would improve the experience.

If you’ve ever wanted to continue playing any of the games you were playing on your PC when you left home, you’ve had to go through the process of re-downloading it to your Deck. Now, Valve wants to make that much easier by using your own home network to reach high speeds.

According to Pavel Djundikthe creator of the SteamDB website, the latest update to the laptop’s operating system contains some of the code for this new feature. Using your home Wi-Fi network, you will be able to transfer the games you already have downloaded to your Deck.

As it puts in the code of the function, whose menu we have been able to see thanks to PCGamesN colleagues, Valve suggests that using this new system can reduce your internet traffic. In addition, you will be able to use it from a PC to the Steam Deck, between several PCs or between multiple Decks at once.

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We don’t know when this new feature will be coming to the Steam Deck, in fact, we don’t even know if it will. One thing is clear, and that is that the creators of the portable-console are betting heavily on add more functionality. The Steam Deck catalog is also growing by the day, demonstrating Valve’s commitment.