Steam gamers pass judgment on Wild Hearts and are furious about its performance and optimization, but at least there are fixes on the way – Wild Hearts

We finally have Wild Hearts on the market, a solid proposal focused on the monster hunt and that it does many things well. However, Koei Tecmo has not hit the key when it comes to optimizing the game on PC because the criticism is too many even days after launch. However, there is a solution on the way because almost all players have been affected.

If we go to the Wild Hearts product sheet on Steam we can see how only the 41% of users has positively evaluated the product. From 3,501 reviews almost 60% have reviewed negatively to the title. All this is due to the poor optimization that Koei Tecmo has done, although there are already solutions on the way.

According to PC Gamer, gamers are suffering some constant falls in the fps and quite stuttering. At least we know that Omega Force, the development team, have been self-deprecating on Reddit and have announced fixes for next week: “Omega Force is continually working to improve performance and optimize the game for a wide variety of hardware specs in the future. updates”.

“The next week we will release a patch which will fix a CPU bottleneck issue the team discovered; this should improve performance on upper-middle-range CPUs. The team is also actively working on the DLSS and FSR support, which will arrive in a future patch. This is an issue of vital importance to us,” the statement ends after noting that you can send a report on PC components for testing and further investigation of problems.

What do we think of Monster Hunter World?

Wild Hearts

In the writing of 3DJuegos we have enjoyed a good hunt of huge monsters, and this is how we have defined this experience in the Wild Hearts analysis: “Wild Hearts is so similar to Monster Hunter that it is inevitable to see it as the loser in the comparisons. It is more accessible than its peers and almost as dense; it has some distinctive mechanics that are quite well brought to life and a strong program of post-launch content. ”