Stellan Skarsgard’s odyssey to be the villain of ‘Dune’: 7 hours of makeup and an isolated shoot

The actor only worked for two and a half weeks on the production, but they were very intense. “It was extremely complicated,” he says.

The locations of Dune They are impressive, their heroes are very attractive and the tone captures you during their two and a half hours of duration. In addition to that, Denis Villeneuve introduces an unpleasant and threatening villain who manages to control the tension despite appearing in few scenes. It is about Baron Harkonnen, the sadistic leader of House Harkonnen who stalks the Atreides family. He interprets it in a formidable way Stellan Skarsgard, who sees the character as a gift, but also as an “extremely difficult” task.

In the books, the Baron is defined as a morbidly obese person who needs suspenders to be able to walk. He has spider-black eyes, cheeks like two mounds of cherubs, protruding lips, and a wavy dewlap. This is exactly how it appears on screen and to make it possible the makeup team had to prepare some incredible prostheses that took 7 hours to place on Skarsgard’s body.

“Mentally I can do it because it’s fun to watch prosthetic artists work. But physically it’s very hard. You have to sit still for seven hours. They put layers and layers on me. The most important part was the face that required extremely delicate work. Then came the full body prosthesis, with a cooling vest underneath and sometimes a harness for the wired scenes. And they had to paint the spaces between the fake skin on the face and the hands and the suit. It was extremely complicated, “says the actor in the production notes.

In an interview with The Daily Beast revealed that His experience in filming lasted two and a half weeks and he hardly had any relationship with the other actors that make up the cast. His character does not interact with anyone from House Atreides, so his recording was practically isolated from the others. “I did eight or ten days of filming, so my character does not appear much, but his presence will be felt. He is such a terrifying presence that, even if he does not say anything, you will be afraid of him,” he tells said medium.

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With whom he did work hand-in-hand with director Denis Villeneuve, makeup chief Donald Mowat, and prosthetic designers Love Larson and Eva von Bahr. “For an actor, that’s wonderful because you want the process on set to be as creative as possible. So Love [Larson] and Eva [von Bahr] They created a clay figure, which was huge, but you could see the muscles underneath the fat, muscles starting to turn into fat. I thought it was great and Denis too. In the movie, the first time we see him he’s in a sauna and hidden by the steam and you only see a silhouette and parts of him, which is very atmospheric. “

Dune, with Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista and Zendaya, among others, is still in theaters in theaters in Spain.

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