Stéphane Bern: as a child, he was slapped every day by his mother

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Stéphane Bern said in an interview with “Seven to eight” that his mother slapped him every day during his childhood. He does not consider himself a “martyred child”. He retains a deep love for his mother.

“At the time, corporal punishment existed”… Stéphane Bern explained in an interview with the magazine “Sept à quatre” on TF1 that he had received a slap from his mother every day during his childhood. “I was beaten when necessary, because at the time corporal punishment existed. And I have not known a day without taking a slap”.

The 58-year-old TV presenter said his mom kept discipline at home. Melita Schlanger was a translator and interpreter and spoke five languages: English, German, French, Russian and Italian. “You can imagine that when I was revising my English or German lessons, I was in awe of it,” recalled Stéphane Bern.

However, he does not consider himself a “child martyr”. He retains a deep love for his mother, who passed on many values ​​to him, such as the constant search for perfection. “She gave me a lot of love and tenderness too”.

Stéphane Bern’s mother, who died, had never wanted to address the issue of her son’s homosexuality. “She said to me: I prefer that we don’t talk about it,” Stéphane Bern told journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara. “She always told me: you will do what you want after me”.

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