Steven Spielberg’s highest-rated film isn’t what you think: an unforgettable sci-fi adventure inspired by his childhood

The acclaimed director is one of the best in history and his most personal film hits theaters on February 10: ‘The Fabelmans’.

We haven’t been able to see the new Steven Spielberg movie yet, but the premiere of The Fabelmans it’s just around the corner andThe film already points to ways to be one of the best not only of the year, but also of the career of the acclaimed filmmaker. Considered one of the best directors in the history of cinema, Spielberg has achieved with his latest film make your most personal project come true, since it is a semi-autobiographical film about his adolescence and first steps as a filmmaker that began to devise more than two decades ago now, in 1999.

The Fabelmans It will hit Spanish movie theaters on February 10. and the well-deserved expectation has only grown exponentially in recent weeks, as a great winner at the 80th edition of the Golden Globes -Best Picture and Best Director for Spielberg- and one of the great favorites at the Critics Choice Awards held last year. weekend with 11 nominations behind them.

Now The Fabelmans it’s aiming squarely at the Oscars and while the competition promises to be tough, that’s always good news for the biggest moviegoers. Described as the “more personal” project of a director who has been making films for 60 years, the matter is not small feat, since we are the majority of humans who have grown up with their movies. With more than 35 directed titles -not counting the projects in which he has developed his extensive facet as a producer-, they are Many of his feature films have become part of cinema history and come to mind when we think of “Spielberg movies”.

The lists of the best films of the prolific American filmmaker are endless on the internet and, although there is often a consensus with which ones usually occupy the first positions, there are many that we could classify, and deservedly, as his best work. A) Yes, It is difficult to decide which is Spielberg’s best film, but we can talk about the best valued film of his career. through the media produced by the criticism portal Rotten Tomatoeswhich by analyzing the ratings of each title, no matter how numerous, is capable of offering an average score.

And Steven Spielberg’s film with the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes may not be the one you were thinking of, but it is certainly one of the most mythical and appreciated: E.T. The Alien, the sweet and funny sci-fi adventure about the friendship between a boy who is already movie history, Elliot (Henry Thomas), and a forgotten alien on Earth who was just trying to get back home. considered A bona fide movie classic and a definitive part of popular culture, ET scores near perfect on Rottenwith 99% positive ratings by specialized critics.

The film was released in 1982 and is also one of the most appreciated works of Spielberg himself, who had already directed in search of the lost ark (nineteen eighty one), Encounters in the third phase (1977) and Shark (1975).

A ET It follows very closely -with 98%- notwithstanding the one that perhaps most would have pointed out as his most appreciated film by critics: schindler’s list that Spielberg premiered in 1993 and for which won his first Oscars, both for Best Picture and Best Director. The film, set at the beginning of World War II, narrates how German businessman Oscar Schindler ends up turning what begins as a lucrative business into a desperate attempt to save as many Jews as possible from ending up in death camps. Nazi concentration.

Complete the Top 5 Shark, catch Me If You Can Y in search of the lost arkalthough Spielberg’s list of historical films is much longer, with deserved extra mention for Saving Private Ryan (his second Oscar as a director) and the always alive Jurassic Park.