Stolen photos, suspicious paparazzi, …: Karine Le Marchand accuses her ex-friend Mimi Marchand of extortion

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The host of “Love is in the meadow” accuses her former friend of having taken advantage of a “paparazzade” targeting her daughter to extract money from her.

From “Here” to the Elysée: Mimi Marchand, the influential of the Republic. This Thursday, January 13, the magazine “Complément d’Enquête” broadcast, on France 2, its investigation into the so-called “popess” of the tabloid press and who is said to be very close to the Macron couple : Michèle Marchand, alias “Mimi”.

In this report, Karine Le Marchand, the host of “L’Amour est dans le pré”, accuses the businesswoman of having played a role in an extortion case targeting her: “I want to stop keep quiet, to suffer the shenanigans between unscrupulous paparazzi and some police,” said the host.

3,500 euros for the photos of a trainee paparazzi

The case dates back to February 2020, the minor daughter of Karine Le Marchand is arrested by police officers from the 16th for a minor offense while the latter is filming. It is one of her friends who leaves to pick her up at the police station. A few minutes later, she received a call from Michèle Marchand, owner of the Bestimage photo agency, who informed her that a trainee paparazzi had taken photos of her daughter “by chance”. The woman claims to have bought them back for 3,500 euros, to prevent their distribution. Amount that the facilitator would have reimbursed him.

Karine would not have dropped the case and would have learned that the “trainee” in question was, in reality, a renowned paparazzi and very close to the boss of Bestimage. Mimi Marchand would also have exerted pressure so that the facilitator reimburses the sum. The case, placed in the hands of the IGPN – Karine Le Marchand seized them following doubts about the origin of the leak aimed at the arrest of her daughter -, finally led to the indictment of Michèle Marchand , on August 12, 2021, for “concealment of breach of professional secrecy” and “extortion of funds”. The businesswoman has, in part, acknowledged the facts.

Karine Le Marchand is a civil party.