‘Stranger Things’ could become a franchise: “It is being born”

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has spoken with a view to the future of the iconic sci-fi series, which opens its season 4 in 2022.

It has been more than two years of waiting since the third season of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix, but the premiere of the fourth is approaching and, in fact, the last fan event held by the streaming platform under the name TUDUM was the setting chosen for the launch of a shocking and long-awaited new ‘teaser’. The season 4 of Stranger Things has been described by the series team as the “greatest” and also as “the darkest” And it is that, while we will have to discover how events unfold now that scenarios outside of Hawkins come into play, we will see some leading children who have left that innocence of childhood behind and that now they are 100% teenagers.

Also, with the fourth season, Netflix’s sci-fi series is moving toward its inevitable end. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer confirmed long ago that the fourth installment would not be the last, but that they did have their roadmap very clear to make sure they told the story they wanted to share well. Likewise, David Harbor recently explained to Collider that this approach to the outcome was already beginning to show in the new installment:We are introducing new things, but we are also adjusting and closing in a certain direction so that it has a clear, clean and specific ending and well defined at some point. “

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And while Stranger Things continues on its way to a certain ending that will occur at some point in time, Netflix does not rule out expanding the story with new series, either in the form of a ‘spin-off’ or in any other way. At least that is extracted from the statements of the CEO of the platform, Ted Sarandos, in his recent participation in a conference. As published Deadline, the manager of the streaming giant spoke of Stranger Things as “a nascent franchise”.

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In addition, Deadline He also maintains that there are possibilities for a potential ‘spin-off’ from the hand of Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who plays Eleven in the series, and in agreement with Netflix. However, if so, the young woman could remain as the producer of the hypothetical project and not necessarily revert to the skin of the young woman with powers.

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Regarding the future of his character, the undisputed star of Stranger Things It is clear to him: “I hope he discovers who he is, without a boy, without a male influence in his life,” he assured Elle Magazine. “She needs to find herself for herself. […] I’d like a storyline for Eleven where she learns how to love herself and finds out who she is. You need a personal trip. “

Regarding whether or not the ‘spin-offs’ Sarandos has referred to are possible, they are still no news of the future of Stranger Things beyond the season 4 debut already confirmed for 2022, but new stories about the “brothers” of Once, some sequel or prequel, or a completely new story from a new character who presented us with the ending seem more than feasible. However, these days everything is speculation.

Season 4 of Stranger Things premieres in 2022 on Netflix.