Street Dancer movie download by the 123Movies, FMovies

Street Dancer movie download by the 123Movies, FMovies
‘Everything is fine in our life like in our movies, happy endings. And if it is not right, then it is not the end, friends, the picture is still left, ‘this dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan will be well known to all. It feels the same when watching the movie ‘Street Dancer’.

As the climax of the movie draws near, things go awry. In all of this, although the storyline of the latter half is predictable as in the above sentence, the cinema has managed to bind us. Because of the energy and passionate atmosphere in which the dance drama begins on the screen; He does not live without shaking his legs.

‘Street Dancer’ is the sixth film directed by dance choreographer Remo D’Souza. Cinematographer Remo’s directing vision is getting sharper like his dance moves. ‘Dance’ is Remo’s strength, Yet he is trying to tell the best story from his movies. So there is a dance in ‘Street Dancer’; But he has a good glimpse of emotion.

Street Dancer’ is a movie from the ‘ABCD’ movie series. Although the name of the movie is different now due to technical reasons, the core of the movie is still old. The young generation struggling in the streets and the dance skills they possess set them apart from others. The dance and the storyline that revolves around it;

The same general thing is here; But in presenting this story, the cinema rises because of the support given to the script. The only difference between the two movies is that the characters in the third movie have moved to London overseas. Sahej (Varun Dhawan), the protagonist of the story lives in London with his family.

He is a native Indian. She wants to fulfill the dream of his dancer brother. Sahej’s brother is unable to dance due to injury. However, his group ‘Street Dancer’ wants to win the world-famous underground dance competition.

In addition, there is a dance team in London as a ‘rule breaker’ along with a street dancer. The team is headed by Inayat (Shraddha Kapoor). Although Inayat is also a resident of London, she is of Pakistani origin. Now when we say India-Pakistan, there will be a tussle, the same tussle we see in the first half of the movie.

Along with this dance drama of the movie, and emotional track with the entry of Ram Prasad (Prabhudeva) is added to the story of the movie. Now, what is this emotional track? You have to watch the movie to see where the plot of the movie takes a turn. Because what Indians and Pakistanis do together and what they do for a good cause is worth watching.

Why do Sahej and Inayat who were dancing against each other dance together in a team? What exactly is the ‘reason’ behind it? This ’cause’ is this ‘street dancer’ movie. Although the plot of the movie is presented on the screen with cinematic liberty, the director Remo D’Souza should be commended for choosing the event from which the original story of the movie is inspired. Remo has done excellent work at the level of directing and choreography.

Varun Dhawan’s performance in some of the scenes is linear. His eyes speak more at times. At the same time, Shraddha Kapoor, who is easy on the screen, has also done well in her role. Her dance is also great. All the dancers like Puneet Pathak, Dharmesh, Salman Yusuf Khan, Raghav have done their dance very well;

But at the same time, acting has also won. In the same way, Prabhu Deva applauds his entry. But, in all this, Nora Fatehi deserves special praise. Her dance to the song ‘Hi Garmi is a shame. The cinematography for this song also catches our eye.

Although the whole movie is neat, it is predictable in some places. Some of the cinematic dialogues are also smooth. He is right when it comes to visual effects in music and cinema and fills our minds.