Street Fighter 6 shows off the strength of its new characters in combat with an action-packed trailer – Street Fighter 6

There are a few months left for the launch of Street Fighter 6but fans of fighting games they already have expectations through the roof. This is not only because it is the return of some of the most iconic characters in the genre, but also because Capcom has been playing his cards in such a way that, through spectacular trailers and various details, has managed to capture the attention of a good handful of users.

Beyond concepts such as the customization of our character or the use of abilities in open environments, the community has pointed out the introduction of a few new characters in the franchise. In this case we focus on Marisa and Manonwho star in the latest combat that Capcom developers have carried out to present their skills and combat styles.

As you can see in the video above, Marisa and Manon offer a show worthy of admiration. After all, both characters exploit very different movements from each other: “Marisa throws powerful blows to advance towards the opponent, while Manon specializes in grips to even the odds,” Capcom explains in the video description on YouTube. In this way, we can expect that Street Fighter 6 offers a variety of battles thanks to the abilities of its characters, both new and those who have been in the franchise since its inception.

More details of Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 intends to be a revolution in the world of fighting games, because from Capcom they expect bring the saga almost to what it was in the days of Street Fighter 2. This implies satisfying longtime players while attracting the attention of new users, which is why the developers are creating a delivery that offers challenges to those most familiar with the saga and several Unpublished mechanics that facilitate the entry of newbies.

And what are the results of this combination of ideas? We will finish checking it next June 2nd on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series, although you can read in our first impressions of Street Fighter 6 that it is a game intends to compete for everything in 2023and this is great news for fans of the genre.