Stromae reappears in August 2022 in Rock en Seine

(AFP) – It’s a comeback: Stromae, who had disappeared from the scene for six years, will return to the Rock en Seine festival, the last weekend of August in 2022 in the Paris region.

The Belgian megastar has not returned to the stage solo since the end of 2015, after two years of a monster tour and a burnout, by her own admission, in the wake of the release of her second album “Racine carrée” (2013), public and critical success.

“Stromae, it’s a highly anticipated event, he left in full light, everything he does is so thought out, licked, it is a great pleasure to welcome him”, rejoices to AFP Matthieu Ducos, director of Rock en Seine, festival at the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine). This return suggests a new album on which nothing has filtered.

Stromae has a little history with the festival. “We never greeted him in his name but in 2013 he joined Major Lazer (DJ Diplo’s group) on stage and we discovered him the same day (laughs). There he comes back through the front door. , on the big stage “, exposes Matthieu Ducos.

“Before, the artists’ strategy was ready-made: they released a new album, then toured theaters and the year after a summer festival. There, Stromae chose Rock en Seine for his very first concert announced in France, not as a simple date but as an event “, unfolds the boss of Rock en Seine.

The other big headliner will be Nick Cave, often seen in theaters in France but rare at festivals. “It’s a great satisfaction, the more time passes the more it has a growing aura”, welcomes Matthieu Ducos.

Among the other first names announced we also find Tame Impala, Kraftwerk, Jamie XX, La Femme, The Blaze, Malik Djoudi or even the Limiñanas.

Due to the health crisis, Rock en Seine had been canceled in 2020 (just a limited event that looked like a TV show, it was also presented by Nagui) and 2021. In 2020, Rage Against The Machine would have had to be programmed. Is there still a chance to see them added to the 2022 poster? “There is always a chance, we are very attentive but we do not yet have enough information on what they want to do in Europe and when,” says Matthieu Ducos.

The big news is that Rock en Seine will be held over four days and not three as usual. So from Thursday to Sunday, from August 25 to 28, 2022. Rock en Seine is betting on a return to normal, with a gauge of 40,000 people expected per evening (100,000 in total in 2019).