‘Succession’: 4 reasons to get hooked on the HBO series before the season 3 premiere

The new batch of episodes hits the platform on October 18.

HBO gives us dozens of serial wonders year after year. From the mythical The Sopranos, The Wire, Six feet underground and Sex and the City, to the recent The Leftovers, Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies and Succession. The latter is one of the most powerful fictions that has been incorporated into the catalog of the prestigious chain, now converted into a ‘streaming’ service. And although it already has two seasons and has been awarded nine Emmy Awards and a Golden GlobeMaybe you haven’t dared to join the Roy family yet, or you didn’t even know about its existence.

The third season of Succession premieres on HBO next October 18, and for you to get up to date before his return, we will tell you four of its strengths for you to devour the 20 episodes already available on the platform.

Rich people cry too

Before explaining why we encourage you to start watching Succession, we are going to put you in the background with some light brushstrokes on its plot. The story introduces us to the almighty Roy family, led by Logan, the patriarch and owner of Waystar Royco, a multinational that touches from the world of media to that of theme parks. In celebration of his 80th birthday, his four sons Kendall, Shiv, Roman and Connor feel betrayed when they learn of the decision he has made for the future of the company. From this moment, the struggle of egos, greed and the lust for power become the tonic of the day-to-day life of this billionaire and dysfunctional family.

Succession is not your typical family drama, and if you think that at some point the story of the Roys is going to make your heart shrink, you can start forgetting about them. And it is that the fiction created by Jesse Armstrong shows the murkiest aspects of the life of the members of a family, who have never lifted a finger to earn their bread. Four siblings, a son-in-law and a great-nephew who aspire to seek the best position in the race for succession at the direction of Waystar Royco. All this while they fight against their addictions, their unique vices and their own egos in their private lives, in which the fact of belonging to a family clan only serves to keep up appearances.

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Some hateful characters that catch you

In line with the first point, it seemed remarkable to us to place special emphasis on the fantastic characters that star in HBO fiction. Some of those characters that it is impossible to love, not even in the deepest part of your being. Some detestable and selfish characters, who perfectly represent the most despicable side of the human being, our hidden side of scavengers.

We start with Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), the brother who aspires to become his father’s successor, Logan, in Waystar Royco. Although at first glance his face may come to give you some pity, and leads you almost to empathize with him, we already warned you that he has more than one ace up his sleeve. His addictions and his thirst for power have played a trick on him, and in addition to leading the family business, he also struggles to get his wife and son back.

We pass the little Roy’s, Roman (Kieran Culkin), a father’s boy, rude and immature, who despite not showing, in a way as evident as Kendall, his interest in staying with the company, you will be surprised by the way he plays his cards. Although, to taste the colors, we dare to suggest that he is one of the best characters in Succession, or at least the one that has given us the best moments.

We continue with the only female face of the family, Siobhan (Sarah Snook), and the only one who, to date, has been unrelated to Waystar Royco. Her father’s interest in having a greater presence in the company, and the rise within it of her future husband, awaken in her that attitude of empowerment that serves to show herself and her siblings that she is also part of the equation .

It is the turn of Logan, that patriarch, played brilliantly by Brian Cox, whose personality bears certain similarities to that of billionaire tycoon Rupert Murdoch. Although his beginnings as an entrepreneur were on a small scale, as the company increases its profits, it begins to acquire new business models, until it creates a conglomerate of companies with a view to creating its own monopoly. Of course, his attitude and the way he treats his employees and pulls strings to put everyone at his service is far from admirable. But when you see how his own children want to get him out of the way, you may come to feel a certain pity, and approve of some of his decisions.

Connor (Alan Ruck), the oldest of the Roys, who could be considered a ‘nini’. And it is that, despite not having separated from the family business, he never appears in the offices and dedicates himself to living life, thanks to the salary he receives from Waystar Royco. Of the four brothers, it could be said that he is the one that arouses the least interest, although he may be one of those who seems to have not broken a plate in his life, and leaves us with our mouths open in the third season.

We close with the peculiar tandem formed by Greg (Nicholas Braun) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), Logan’s great-nephew and future son-in-law, respectively. The two form a very peculiar working couple, and at times they feel a bit out of the game, witnessing the brutal expletives that are thrown between the Roy brothers, and that desire to become their father’s favorite.

A few dialogues full of nuances

Another of the strengths of Succession is the genius of their dialogues. Far from being full of business terms of those that do not sound like anything to you, they stand out for their fluidity and humanity. That is, the characters have conversations that you could well listen to or even star in your day-to-day life. Of course, it is more than likely that in those conversations in your environment you will not hear so many insults and obscenities that most of the characters pronounce every time they open their mouths. The palm goes to the youngest of the house, Roman, who has “words of affection” for everyone who crosses his path.

Highly addictive

A priori, when you read the plot of Succession nothing makes you think that it is capable of cheating you and not letting you get up from the sofa. But once you hit play and you enter the life, and the miseries, of the Roys, it is difficult to get out of it. Armstrong’s fiction, which hit HBO in June 2018, is like fine wine, it gets better episode after episode. And if the first season manages to get into the viewer’s pocket, the second has an even more addictive plot, thanks to the new nuances that each of the main characters begins to develop. The chapters do not usually end with the classic ‘cliffhanger’ that leads you to continue in front of the screen; but we already warned you that it is difficult not to see more than one episode in a row.

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From what has been seen in the advances of the third installment, everything indicates that this level of addiction will go ‘in crescendo’ as the action progresses, and it is expected that the central plot and the subplots will become your obsession of the final stretch of the year.

Succession come back to HBO next October 18 with the first episode of season 3.