‘Succession’: unpublished images, release date, new characters and everything we know about season 3

HBO Max has released a new clip of the new episodes marked by the Roy’s war. Premiere: October 18 on the streaming platform.

The season 3 of Succession it is one of the most anticipated releases of 2021 and she was also one of the stars of the presentation of HBO Max, which arrives in Spain on October 26 with a whole collection of new and long-awaited series and films and also future releases. At the presentation event, the streaming platform of the prestigious company launched a new clip of the new installment that you can see below these lines.

The new installment of the series created by Jesse Armstrong will be released on October 18 after his acclaimed second installment enshrined it as one of the great titles of recent years. With it, the HBO series managed to garner no less than seven Emmys awards, the most important television recognition in the form of an award, including the one that recognized her as Best Drama Series, the most desired award of each edition.

Now, new episodes are about to see the light of the hand of HBO. Take note below of all the details about the return of Succession:

Official ‘Succession’ Season 3 Trailer

If the first advance of the new installment of the famous series started with Kendall (Jeremy Strong) in front of the mirror preparing for what is to come, the trailer released by HBO Max shortly after introduced us fully into the civil war that is coming in the Roy’s bosom.

Having publicly announced that his father, Logan, was fully aware of Waystar RoyCo’s criminal history, Kendall is going to need self-confidence and a lot of will to face the family conflicts that are about to occur for control of the company.

While Logan is furious with his son, Kendall tries to convince his brothers to support him and, at the same time, Tom and Greg will be starring in their own war. The thing is on fire.

When does ‘Succession’ season 3 premiere?

The chosen release date is October 18, 2021.

We already knew, however, that the long-awaited debut would come in the fall thanks to an HBO Max preview of future releases. In addition, the news was confirmed by one of the directors of the chain, Casey Bloys, who assured that, once in the “new normal” season 3 of Succession would see the light in the last quarter of 2021.

The return of the acclaimed series does not occur in time to be valued by the Emmy Awards in 2021, so it will not renew the award. The next nominees are announced ahead of the gala celebration in September.

What will happen in the third installment of ‘Succession’?

Brian Cox, the one in charge of playing the patriarch of the Logan Roy clan, has revealed that the new episodes are full of twists and turns. This is how he revealed it to The Hollywood Reporter, assured that he “almost fell out of his chair” when the ‘showrunner’ Jesse Armstrong told him some of his plans: “He never tells you anything about the next season. We don’t know anything from episode to episode. But he told me. And it is very exciting. That’s all I can say. “

Without the actors themselves knowing too much even during filming, it is clear that the secrecy surrounding what is going to happen in season 3 of Succession be absolute. However, Cox has also advanced to Deadline that, while Shiv and Kendall had a greater role in the first two installments, in the new episodes we will see how Roman, the younger brother played by Kieran Culkin, takes center stage.

There is no doubt, and this is revealed by the ‘teaser’ that Kendall’s actions in the denouement of the second season, exposing Logan and the company in a televised press conference, will play a central role in the third installment.

Lorene Scafaria, new director

An interesting news about season 3 of the HBO series is that Lorene Scafaria, the director of Wall Street scammers he would be behind the scenes of the new episodes. She herself posted an image on her Instagram account confirming the news, happy to confirm that she had taken over the filming of several episodes.

Who is coming back in the new season?

Guaranteed to return Brian Cox (Logan), Jeremy Strong (Kendall), Sarah Snook (Shiv), Kieran Culkin (Roman), Alan Ruck (Connor), Matthew Macfadyen (Tom) and Nicholas Braun (Cousin Greg), the most important members of the cast of Sucession.

All of them are delighted to return and see their already beloved characters starring in new dynamics and changing plots that promise to captivate and surprise alike.

Likewise, Justine Lupe, who plays Connor’s girlfriend, Willa, and actors David Rasche and Fisher Stevens, who play Waystar employees Karl and Hugo, have been promoted to regular characters in this new phase.

What new faces are added to the new installment of ‘Succession’?

Specifically, three signings have been announced:

‘Succession’ adds three women with power to its season 3: What to expect from the new signings?

• Sanaa Lathan, who will step into the shoes of Lisa Arthur, an important and high profile lawyer who comes from New York backed by great influences and connections.

• Linda Emond, who will step into the shoes of Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven, a senior White House veteran.

• Jihae, who will play Berry Schneider, a head of the Public Relations and Press Department with a lot of power.