Sue Netflix for the excessive traffic of ‘The Squid Game’

The South Korean internet provider SK Broadband believes that the company should financially take care of the use of the bandwidth it generates, the second highest in the country, as other platforms already do.

That The Squid Game is succeeding on Netflix and is on its way to becoming the most watched series in the history of the streaming platform It hasn’t been such good news for SK Broadband, the South Korean-based internet service provider that just sued the big N company.. The reason? That the excessive traffic generated by the successful series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk has forced the provider to process a much higher amount of bits per second than usual in order to handle the traffic that comes from the streaming platform. For this reason, SK Broadband requires Netflix in its lawsuit to bear the costs associated with this increase in traffic and also with the maintenance of the network itself, which has also been affected.

It is The Squid Game the only series that causes more traffic due to the consumption of Netflix subscribers? No, but the truth is that the unparalleled success of fiction has prompted the company to take action.

As published Reuters, the South Korean internet operator has to process 1.2 trillion bits of data per second to handle Netflix traffic and it is estimated that the network usage fee by the platform reached only in 2020 the millionaire figure of 22 , 9 million dollars. It is nothing new, but the result of a trend that has been on the rise for several years and to which they want to find a solution. According to the data provided by the company, Internet traffic as a result of the use of Netflix has multiplied by 24 since spring 2018 and has now reached its all-time high.

SK’s lawsuit against Netflix has come after a court in Seoul ruled that it was “reasonable” for the streaming platform to give “something in return to the Internet service provider for the use of the network”. Furthermore, many South Korean legal experts hold the same stance towards the reality that streaming platforms “do not pay for network use despite generating explosive traffic.”

Following the outrage of viewers, Netflix has included a warning in ‘The Squid Game’

It is no secret that Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming platform in the world, but, in the specific example of South Korea, it is nothing more and nothing less than second largest data traffic generator. Only behind YouTube. Curiously, both are, according to SK Broadband, the only platforms that do not pay network usage fees. Nevertheless, In the United States, Netflix has been paying a fee for a faster streaming service for seven yearsTherefore, the company is no stranger to paying for bandwidth in the countries in which it operates.

At the moment, Netflix has not taken action on the matter quickly and has limited itself to confirming that They are reviewing SK Broadband’s lawsuit with the aim of ensuring that their customers in South Korea are not affected by this controversy.

Meanwhile, and most of them unrelated to this type of legal and business issues, Netflix users around the world continue to watch The Squid Game hand in hand with real binges and making it work even better if possible by the word of mouth that has made it so popular. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos already commented last week that fiction was already the most popular non-English-speaking fiction and that, if it continued in the same vein, it would become the most watched series on the streaming platform . Perhaps today, in fact, it already is.

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