Super 30 movie download by the website FMovies

Super 30 movie download by the website FMovies

The renowned mathematician Anand Kumar sets up Super 30 coaching classes in the hopes of helping poor children get admission to good colleges and universities.

Throughout his journey, he will face many difficulties. This film is based on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar.

IIT was a great success to get admission in his first batch of Super 30. This inspiring story of life is seen in this award-winning film with a bit of creativity.

Super 30 movie download

In the film, the difficulties and controversies that Kumar faced in his life are discussed. Anand (Hrithik Roshan) unites heaven and earth to fulfill his dream.

It is true that the film does not cover all of Anand Kumar’s media controversies, but rather focuses on him as a human being and the struggles and successes that he has experienced.

He is also able to gain admission at Cambridge University due to his deficiencies in Mathematics. Anand, a mathematics lover, was the son of a postman who specializes in math. Unfortunately, since the fees are unaffordable, this opportunity will have to be given up.

His eyes were opened by this incident. Anand is given the opportunity by Lallanji (Aditya Srivastava) to teach mathematics to the children of the rich at the new IIT Coaching Center.

Anand realizes very quickly that he ought to take advantage of his skills in a positive way by helping poor children to succeed socially.

As a result of the decision he made, he had to face difficulties one after another while never losing sight of his goal.

By airing The Super 30, viewers are told that nowadays it is difficult to afford higher education unless one is rich.

College education has become a dream for the poor, but if they have a chance, they can attain higher education just as well as the kids from the upper class. The film will touch your heart in more than one moment.

After Anand started his Super 30 class, he realized that the two of them hadn’t eaten anything in several days. The real goal of these children is for them to receive a better education and live a better life.

A lot of heartbreaking moments occur in Super 30. Anand says a few things as well, such as “Apatite se Ravishankar ka Janam Hota hai”, where you too find yourself forced to believe this is true.

In an effort to escape poverty and pursue his dreams, he leaves his home and college behind. The film has an entertaining plot and also makes an attempt to inform the audience. However, the film’s plot is at times overly dramatic.

I don’t think that all scenes required a loud background score. The cinematography of the film is superb and several of the poignant dialogues are also memorable.

Regarding performance, it is believed that Hrithik has done very well as the character of Anand Kumar.

Based upon his physique, it is difficult to accept that he is Anand Kumar; however, he compensates for this loss with his acting talent.

As well as Nandish Singh, Mrinal Thakur has also been excellent in his role as Anand’s brother. In the short time she has had in the show, she has left an impression on the viewers.

Aditya Srivastava’s performance of a villain is commendable in the film too. In this movie, Pankaj Tripathi plays a politician well.

The film has some flaws in the narrative but Super 30 is an entertaining story in which an outstanding teacher stands up and faces life’s challenges by setting an example for the rest of us to follow. It will be fun to watch Super 30 for this too. We gave the film 3.5 out of 5 stars.