Tarascon-sur-Ariège: the Brass Band gave a jazzy concert to conclude its internship

the essential
The Brass Band de l’Ariège performed in Tarascon on Sunday January 15, during a concert organized at the cultural center, concluding the weekend of training.

The Brass Band de l’Ariège offered a nice concert to the Tarascon public on Sunday January 15th. In front of more than thirty people, some 25 musicians settled on the stage of the Espace François-Mitterrand around 11:30 a.m., dressed all in black. There, in the bowels of the cultural center of Tarascon-sur-Ariège, different age categories rubbed shoulders, brass instruments in their hands, ranging from tuba to trombone.

On the red armchairs, relatives, friends, family or simple spectators had taken a position. “We had a first session here in July. And this is the second this weekend”, introduced the conductor, Mikael Celma.

“A slightly jazzy repertoire”

On the occasion of this event organized by the musical federation of Ariège, the artists performed for about forty minutes, “in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of brass bands”. Eight hours of preparation, the day before, had preceded their performance.

“We have a slightly jazzy repertoire. Today, we also play film music, like Rebelle from Disney studios,” explained Mikael Celma. One of the faces of the concert was that of Baptiste Agostini, only 19 years old. A local child left to train at the Paris Conservatoire. He distinguished himself on Sunday with a concerto for euphonium.