Tarbes: Florent Pagny, Ska-P, the Gipsy Kings at the “De Fil en musique” festival

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Producer of this musical and cultural event called “De Fil en Musique”, which will be held at the exhibition center from July 13 to 17, Tarbaise and Haut-Pyrénéenne Madeu Gonzalez, a figure in the world of variety, could release a few more celebrities from his hat.

She embarked on a business as crazy and daring as herself. A true discoverer and maker of careers and talents in the world of variety, the Tarbaise Madeu Gonzalez is at the origin of a festival project of national or even international scope which will see the light of day in the capital of Bigorre du July 13 to 17, 2023 and called “De Fil en Musique”.

Producer, agent, manager and tourer for at least three decades, she has collaborated with many artists such as Mickaël Jones, Carole Fredericks, Boulevard des Air, Garou, Thomas Dutronc and more recently Hoshi and Claudio Capéo. “In Paris, in the world of variety, they say I have an ear,” declared Madeu, so much so that the CEO of Sony suggested that he create his own label, to discover new talents.

If every year, she crisscrosses France to accompany artists and discover new talents in festivals or often goes back and forth to Paris for her professional appointments, she has always remained attached to her national and paternal region, where she made her musical debut in the Tarbais group “Mood”, long before setting up charity shows for Philippe Douste-Blazy, when he held high political responsibilities.

“I couldn’t imagine a festival without Florent”

After having been production manager for the “À Tue-Tête” festival in Castres, on the strength of her many contacts in the variety business, she had the idea of ​​creating a festival in Tarbes, at the exhibition center which gave her graciously lent by the city. Quickly, she circulated a few names of famous artists on social networks to give the mouth water to her many acquaintances and her patrons, existing or potential.

“I couldn’t imagine a festival without Florent,” she confides. It is of course the singer Florent Pagny who has agreed to come and play on Sunday July 16, with Petit K in the first part. His fluency with the Spanish language and his network in the profession then allowed him to “land” two other huge headliners: Ska-P and the Gipsy King’s who will come to perform respectively on Monday July 17 and Friday July 14.

Mr. Pokora or Tryo?

Throughout the discussion, Madeu Gonzalez, decidedly as inexhaustible as she is passionate, reveals to us that she is also in advanced contact with Matt Pokora and Tryo, and other artists, including a huge international star.

In addition, it seeks to sponsor the first edition of this musical and cultural event which will count in the South-West, by one of the leaders of French song (Francis Cabrel or Laurent Voulzy are mentioned). But her festival project does not stop at 2023 since she has decided to register it in continuity and to anchor it in the long term.

This is why she is already actively working for the next edition “De Fil en Musique” in 2024 where she “took an option” to bring two “locomotives” from the French scene.