Tarbes: from philosophy to pop music, La Féline finally imposes its paw

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Agnès Gayraud, Agnès Gayraud, has taught in prestigious universities, without ever giving up music. Featured in Lyon and on the airwaves, La Féline is performing for the first time in Bigorre, this evening at the aptly named Maison du Savoir in St-Laurent de Neste. Meet.

His last appearance in our columns? Agnès Gayraud was 17, a brilliant high school student at Théophile Gautier, already passionate about music. Today, at the age of 42, now La Féline, in reference to Jacques Tourneur’s “very elegant” film, the artist has reconciled with the philosopher around a common book and a link: Dialectique pop. “It took me seven years to write this book on the history and aesthetics of popular music. It is a work that I nurtured from my meetings with other artists, from my experience as well. It reconciled the philosopher and the artist, reversing the roles. It is the musician who taught the theoretician ”, explains this associate of philosophy, doctoral student, passed by Normalsup and who taught on the prestigious benches of The Sorbone and Stanford in California. “I have always liked philosophy,” says this very full but simple head. Somehow, I had to do something serious, to be able to let go next. And since it took longer to be recognized as an artist… But the need to be on stage has always been there. “

Its progressive pop on the airwaves of France Inter

Since adolescence and the Daysies, these daisies (in English) that have flourished in Tarbes and up to Marciac. “With my friends Stéphanie and Sophie, we already had a girl power side, with feminist demands and real emancipation” remembers the one who learned the guitar on her own at 12 years old. A first group, then others, until La Féline leaves the woods, in Paris first, then in Lyon. Albums which follow one another from 2014 (“Goodbye childhood” where we find Agnes pictured at 6 years old at the peak of Jer) and propel her author on the airwaves of France Inter. “I’m never really alone. I remain surrounded by talented people to go further. “But also deeper, around a progressive, melodic, rhythmic pop music that invites you to travel, and texts that” speak from the guts, with depth. I don’t want to rush people, but to get them into deep emotions. I am a little darker than other artists. Obviously, that does not fit into the commercial framework. But it’s assumed to be out of the way. “

A dark side which finds its roots in the “cante jondo” this Andalusian song imbued with melancholy that her mother proclaimed. But this darkness does not deprive her of the lights. Recently, the Lyon Opera gave him carte blanche with Bertrand Belin. “It was full,” she rejoices. We replayed my songs with the whole orchestra. It was exceptional. There were 30 of us on stage, 1,000 in the room. This evening, there will be only two of us with Xavier Thiry at La Maison du Savoir. I don’t know how many in the audience. But it will be just as strong. “Because never since she left her land, La Féline had been able to put her paw in front of hers, on a stage in Bigorre …

Agnès Gayraud, alias La Féline, delighted to find Tarbes and its place Verdun./ Photo A. Barréjot

Agnès Gayraud, alias La Féline, delighted to find Tarbes and its place Verdun./ Photo A. Barréjot

Tarbes at the heart of his next album

Scheduled for the end of 2022, La Féline’s next album will focus on Tarbes. “After more metaphorical universes, I wanted to go back to basics, something more down to earth,” explains Agnès Gayraud, who regularly returns to Bigorre. It brought me back to teenage memories, a certain nostalgia for the Pyrenees, for the Massey Garden, but without regret. It is also about seeing the evolution of this city that I found frozen by confinement. It gave off a certain beauty; very cinematic. I also tell about the end of Giat, the people who suffered it. It’s not just a tourist brochure, I also want to say something about the people of today, the teenager of yesterday, sometimes stuck in a small provincial town. It is a loving testimony without being cliché. “