Tarbes: Héloïse Martin and Elodie Varlet at the bedside of hospitalized children

the essential
While the “Ecran Jeunesse” festival is in full swing in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, two members of the jury, the actresses Héloïse Martin and Elodie Varlet (Plus belle la vie), visited the children hospitalized in Tarbes.

“It’s so beautiful to see the children’s smiles. If our visit can bring them a little joy despite their illness, it is the least we can do for them ”, confided, moved, Héloïse Martin and Elodie Varlet. Staying in the Hautes-Pyrénées as part of the Ecran Jeunesse festival (from November 10 to 14, in Bagnères-de-Bigorre), the two actresses took, this Friday, a whole afternoon to meet the children in care in the pediatric department of the Tarbes hospital center. “This is not the first time that we have met hospitalized children. It’s always very moving, ”they agreed.

An emotion shared by young patients, from children to teenagers. As the two young women walked through the door of their room, accompanied by “Chase”, an emblematic character from the “Paw Patrol” cartoon, and the director of the festival, Christian Cape, the faces lit up, as the testimony of a magical parenthesis between two treatments.
“It’s a very nice gift you give me three days before my birthday,” Daniels enthusiastically. And if the young boy was particularly delighted with this surprise visit, he also wanted to pay tribute to the medical staff of the hospital.
“They did a very good job, the doctors, nurses, caregivers,… All”, he thanked them, grateful.

Eight children hospitalized

“We currently have eight children of all ages in our ward, for twelve beds. It may not seem like much, but children require special care. In addition to care, we take more time to reassure them, explain … Especially since for a year and a half, only parents have been allowed to visit them. It’s very hard for them and we have to be even more present, ”explains one of the nurses. This Friday afternoon, their stay in the hospital took on a happier note. And it’s all the service that really appreciated this moment. to all, caregivers and patients, the festival offered tickets and gifts to allow them to enjoy the activities that are offered until Sunday in the spa town.

Real stars

True stars of the small screen, the two actresses, just like “Chase”, did not go unnoticed in the corridors of the hospital. And while the little ones rushed into the arms of “Chase”, like little Ayia who had just been admitted to the emergency room, the notoriety of the two actresses among the older ones left no doubt either.

“But it’s Héloïse! “, Marveled the young Mégane, just out of the operating room.” May I take a picture of you, my mother is a fan of you? “, Timidly addressed a nursing assistant to Estelle (the character of Elodie Varlet in” Plus Belle la vie “).