Tarn: Festival a weekend with them: Suzane: “I feel like I’m scripting my dreams”

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The new star of the French scene will be at Cap Découverte on Saturday April 8, as part of the Weekend with them festival.

She will be the headliner of this new edition of a Weekend with them. Since 2019, Suzane has been everywhere. His electrop-pop universe is a hit on all stages in France. She won a Music Victory. His first album Toï Toî went gold. His second, Caméo, released in 2022, takes the same path. Meeting with an inspired and inspiring artist.

Since 2019, you never stop?

It is somewhat true. After the tour with Toï Toï, whose album went gold, I quickly went back to residency to prepare Caméo. I wanted to perform it live before it was released on CD. So, I’m at 370 dates in just over four years. It’s totally crazy to realize, every evening, that the public is there, whether at the Olympia or in a provincial hall. That’s wonderful.

How to analyze this success?

Imagine that I will complete a second Olympia on May 10. It’s unreal to me. We don’t analyze success. As Bashung said, success, you don’t know what you know, until you lose it. So I savor every moment. If he moves away, I will still have writing, music and dancing. You know, when I was little, I kept biting my nails out of stress. The only thing that made me stop was the music.

During your youth, you looked for yourself before throwing yourself body and soul into music.

to say the least. But I knew that music was the GPS of my life, even I was told that it wasn’t really a job. I don’t come from an artistic family. Ok, it took a while but I got there. I had to build myself first. Today, I am over thirty years old. It’s a little scary, because for women artists, it feels like we don’t have the right to grow old, otherwise we’re pushed aside.

Your second album is more intimate?

Yes. Caméo is a stripping. The first title Océane is my real first name. These are very strong sensations, where I have the impression of scripting dreams.

You always have very elaborate, original clips like that of “Pura Vida”, where you are filmed in the middle of the street, hidden camera. Technically, it is reminiscent of that of Stromaé in “Formidable”. We are far from the dance floor with the disco ball.

Thank you so much. It’s true that I work a lot on my clips in the same way as my compositions and my texts.

In your first album, one of your key titles is “Disenchanted Generation”. A nod to Mylène Farmer?

Mylène released this title when I had just been born in 1991. Proof that nothing changes. We just see the damage. Youth must move forward by changing things, collectively. But it is true that she is a little lost in the face of all that is happening. We can understand it.

After 365 concerts in a very short time when you give a lot of yourself, aren’t you tired of the stage?

The desire, the passion is still there. You can imagine how lucky I am. So of course, there are days of fatigue where you have to go to the end of yourself. I realized that this is where I did my best concerts.

Life is beautiful ?

Yes, frankly