‘Taxi Driver’ inaugurates Alejandro G. Calvo’s first program for Twitch, ‘Tarde de Perros’

The event will take place tomorrow, Thursday, November 11, at 8 p.m., on the Webedia channel on the platform, ElStream.

If you are a lover of cinema, of good cinema, you have a new cinephile appointment with Dog Afternoon. A program with the seal of SensaCine, hosted by Alejandro G. Calvo -director of the website-, which you can see through the Webedia’s Twitch channel, El Stream. On Dog Afternoon -a title that refers to the homonymous film by Sidney Lumet-, the film critic will also share a table with several collaborators, all of them related to the world of film criticism, to chat and analyze some of the most mythical titles in the history of the seventh art.

This new format is conceived with a monthly periodicity, and, except for last minute changes, your issue will take place Thursdays. Without a doubt, a perfect day for Alejandro and the rest of the cinema experts to whet your appetite to enjoy the best cinema on the weekend. In addition, the program will also be available on the channel of SensaCine’s Youtube, starting the following Saturday.

The first date will take place tomorrow, Thursday, November 11, at 20 hours. On this occasion, Alejandro will sit next to the critics Noel Ceballos, Marta Medina and Daniel de Partearroyo, to share impressions, details and everything you should know about the legendary Taxi Driver. There couldn’t be a more appealing title to kick off Dog’s Afternoon than the Martin Scorsese film, starring Robert De Niro. Considered one of the best films of all time, since its premiere -in Spain on March 10, 1977- it has conquered tens of thousands of viewers, of all generations. A film that could be said to be like good wine improves with the passing of the years.

The film, nominated for four Oscars, takes us to the New York of the 70s, and introduces us to the genuine Travis Bickle (De Niro), a former soldier of the Vietnam War. Upon his return from the war, his problems falling asleep, lead him to sit behind the wheel of a taxi, which will drive through the streets of the New York suburbs. His monotonous days start to make sense when he meets Betsy (Cybill Shepherd), one of Senator Charles Palantine’s campaign aides. A fleeting happiness that is triggered by feeling rejected after their first film together. This frustration, added to the misdeeds that he sees every night from his taxi, lead him to buy a gun, to try to put some order in the city. But this will not be his only goal in his attempt to create a “better world”, and he will do everything possible to make Iris (Jodie Foster), an underage prostitute frightened by her pimp, leave that job and return home.

Right after remembering the plot of Taxi Driver Have you wanted to know more about her? Activate an alert on your mobile device and surround the day of morning on the calendar so you don’t forget that at 20 hours, Alejandro and company are waiting for you in ElStream. And as we know that after seeing this first installment of Dog Day Afternoon you will be left wanting more, we can already tell you that the next installment will be issued on December 16, and that the film that will come to the fore will be Die Hard (1988).