Teddy movie download by the website Movierulz, Moviesda

Teddy movie download by the website Movierulz, Moviesda

In Teddy, Shakti Soundarajan, who is known for filming films with different character stories, has once again embarked on a different endeavor with the story of Sri ( Sayeesha ). The story begins with her abduction by a medical organ racket.

As a result of being medicated, he falls into a coma. Saiyasha’s soul is then contained within a teddy bear.

Teddy movie download

This unreal situation is shown in the film with a teddy bear that becomes friends with Siva ( Arya ), who is OCD and has the capability to learn new things, and asks her for help finding out if Ciri is alive or not.

It is not a normal thing to be able to showcase an innovative storyline to the viewer. The director’s efforts should be appreciated, even if he does not achieve full success in the movie.

Despite all the stuff Teddy does with the doll, the chemistry between it and Arya attracts fans. It’s great to know that the story doesn’t have to continue like this and will eventually get serious.

In many contexts, it is appropriate to use the concept of Arya as omnipotent, but this may not be appropriate in others. I especially liked the scenes that are set in foreign countries.

I am thankful that Arya got her role straight and acted. I am thankful that Iman’s music is a pleasant side effect to the film.

I am thankful for the VFX work for Teddy the character. Satish, who played the hero’s companion in the original movie, reprised the role of Arya. The protagonist, Arya, is the key character of the film.

There was not much attention drawn to Karunakaran’s character as the villain, the character of Mahil Thirumeni. The emotional scenes between Arya and Sayeesha have made a difference to a certain extent.