‘Teen Wolf’: Tyler Hoechlin will play Derek Hale again in the sequel film

The actor joins the already confirmed Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Cyrstal Reed and Orny Adams, among others.

Indeed, six years after the end of teen wolf, Paramount+ is preparing a sequel film of this mythical series starring Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien, among others, broadcast in its day on MTV.

After months of talks, Tyler Hoechlin has been the last to join this ambitious project giving life to Derek Hale again. But in addition to participating in the film, he will also act as an executive producer. The film will last two hours and will premiere on the platform streaming American Paramount+. It remains to be seen how it would arrive in Spain.

The news comes roughly six weeks after the announcement that Vince Mattis has been cast as Eli Hale. Derek Hale’s 15-year-old son. The actor joins the already confirmed Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Ryan Kelley, Melissa Ponzio, Ian Bohen, Nobi Nakanishi, Amy Workman, Khylin Rhambo, Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry.

The only ones from the original cast not to return to their respective roles are Dylan O’Brien and Arden Cho. The film will be written by Jeff Davis and produced by MGM’s Orion Television and MTV Entertainment Studios.

At the last moment, I have decided that it stayed in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there, ”Dylan O’Brien explained in his day. “I wish you the best and I will see it the first night it opens

What is the ‘Teen Wolf’ movie about?

The Teen Wolf movie returns to Beacon Hills, California, where a terrifying evil has arisen under the light of the full moon. This is what the official synopsis says:

The wolves are howling once more, calling for the return of the banshees, werecoyotes, hellhounds, kitsunes, and all other shapeshifters of the night. But only a werewolf like Scotto McCall, no longer a teenager but still an alpha, can muster new allies and his trusted friends to fight what might be the most powerful and deadly foe they’ve ever faced.

The movie of teen wolf will premiere on Paramount+ at the end of this year 2022.

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