Tekken 8 shows in a new gameplay trailer the brutality of its combat and introduces another mythical character of the saga: Paul Phoenix – Tekken 8

If what you like are fighting games, you will surely have Tekken 8 on your radar. The title aims to be one of the most promising titles of the coming months. Bandai Namco is being very careful with what it shows, and it is that each new gameplay surprises more than the previous one and today they have managed to capture the attention and interest of the players.

On Bandai Namco America’s official YouTube channel we can see how one of the latest videos they have uploaded is from Tekken 8. This time the character who shows his abilities is paul phoenix, a martial artist who will be part of the cast of personalities of this fighting title. Fans of the Tekken saga will already know him quite a bit due to his appearance in all the games in the franchise.

So far we have received gameplay of different characters. The last one was from Kazuya Mishima, but we have also been delighted by the skills of Jin Kazama, although Nina Williams’s attacks are not short either. Surely as the weeks go by we will see more gameplay trailers of other characters, and what is clear is that patience is rewarded with more playable material to marvel at.

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Sooner or later we will receive this title, but what its developers made clear is that they wanted to redo everything from scratch to offer an experience to match. As expected, the graphics engine used is Unreal Engine 5 and just knowing that we are already aware that the graphic section will be up to the task, and with these new gameplays we are already getting an idea of ​​the final product.

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