Telecinco has condemned ‘La que se avecina’ with its latest decision: the series collects the worst data in its history

The series has been leading Spanish fiction for 17 years. He is in good health, but he is not at the top of the mountain.

season 13 of The one that is coming has seen the light with bad news: its audience data has dropped significantly. Its 1.34 million viewers and 12.9% share are far from the 2.6 million of season 11 (22.6% share). Why has interest in the comedy of the Caballero brothers begun to wane?

The answer could be in the agreement between Mediaset and Amazon. In May 2020 it became known that season 12 of The one that is coming It was going to premiere on Prime Video first. It seemed like a bet without too much risk, almost to hunt new audiences through ‘streaming’, but the reality is that has turned against him.

From the beginning this change in strategy saw a decrease in the number of viewers. The first batch of episodes of season 12 were the least watched in the series’ history. and the remaining batch produced even worse figures, reaching 1.54 million viewers on average. The decline was drastic compared to his previous season and, although it is true that Telecinco’s poor audience figures have not helped push it forward either, the reality is that the decision to share its broadcast with Amazon has not been very successful.

Initially, the agreement established that Amazon Prime Video had five months -at least- of exclusivity on The one that is coming. After that time, it began to be broadcast on Telecinco. Neverthelessseason 13 had a special preview on the television channel shortly after its arrival on the streaming platform. Are they trying to get their old hearing back? Either way, it didn’t work for them.


The consequences in ‘La que se avecina’

The creators have already taken action on the matter and have tried to update the series. And we are not talking about the change of set they were forced to make after losing the contract with the space they occupied up to now, but about the fact that the seasons have fewer episodes. If before there were 19, 16 or 13 chapters per installment -there is no fixed number- now we are talking about 8. At least, that is what 13 has had and it is assumed that 14 and 15 will repeat the play.

In any case, The one that is coming It has already been broadcast for 17 years, something that many Spanish fictions do not achieve. In all this time, they have experienced many changes in the cast and the ‘streaming’ revolution has taken place, which has separated many people from traditional television. Even living their worst data in history, they are still at the top of the most watched Spanish series.