Television: the French series “Dix pour cent” awarded at the International Emmy Awards

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The France Télévisions series “Dix pour cent” was awarded at the Emmy Awards in the United States. This series, which tells the world of movie star agencies, has enjoyed enormous popularity since its broadcast on Netflix. A fifth season is announced.

Season 4 of the French series “Ten percent” was awarded Monday evening at the International Emmy Awards, an American consecration for this humorous story on the agencies of film stars and which benefited from the huge Netflix springboard. The series, launched in 2015 on France Télévision on an idea of ​​the former agent Dominique Besnehard, and which is triumphing today on the American platform Netflix, won the prize for best comedy by the academy at the International Emmy Awards which rewards for half a century the best television productions outside the United States.

The writers and producers of “Ten Percent”, renamed “Call my Agent” in the United States, were in New York for the occasion, and first three seasons writer Fanny Herrero praised the series for “really traveled the world thanks to Netflix, so that’s a great accomplishment. ” In an interview Monday morning, Dominique Besnehard saw there the success of “the French touch” in the United States, in the lineage of the French cinema of “François Truffaut or Michel Deville” who successfully showed the Americans “a tragicomic, funny France “.

"Ten percent" will have a season 5.

“Ten Percent” will have a season 5.
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Over four seasons, the series follows the destiny of a small Parisian agency, ASK, where viewers discover the vagaries and difficulties of this shadowy profession, at the service of actors and actresses. With this particularity: in each episode, the real stars play their own role with a good dose of humor and self-mockery.

A season 5 will see the light of day

For Fanny Herrero, the series is certainly “quite French but not only”. “It’s a bit worked with an American spirit. We have sometimes compared it to comedies à la Lubitsch which are fanciful. Self-mockery is not so French,” she explains. For the author, the success of the series “is the graft of an efficiency, a writing and a fabrication from the United States and our French obsessions and neuroses, our messy and touching side”.
On the red carpet in New York, producer Michel Feller acknowledged that “the Netflix broadcast of the four seasons has allowed us with a production, let’s say local, to be seen in more than 200 territories”.

“Today there are practically 20 remakes which have been signed, which are in production or which have been shot”, especially in Canada and India, he detailed, Dominique Besnehard confirming that a season 5 would see the day, first in the form of a feature film.

Another award for French people is the documentary “Kubrick by Kubrick” awarded in the “artistic programming” category of the International Emmy Awards. “Huge!”, “Incredible!” producer Martin Laurent and director Grégory Monro exulted in front of AFPTV. The film, produced among others by Arte and which had been selected at the Tribeca festival in New York in 2020 – canceled due to the pandemic – is built on “exceptional audio material” from very rare interviews with American director Stanley Kubrick with the French cinema journalist Michel Ciment.

The filmmaker, who died in 1999, was “the mysterious man who does not give himself up”, considers Martin Laurent and this documentary only on archives, designed more for cinema than for television, is intended “to humanize”, completes Gregory Monro.