“Tell me why developers have to update our games for free”; Deadly Premonition’s father opens a debate in which everyone wants to have an opinion – The Good Life

Many will know Hidetaka Suehiro, better known as SWERY, for being the director of works as acclaimed as deadly premonition either D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Diebut it should be noted that the creative has also become known as a figure who does not usually bite the tongue in terms of situations that exist in the video game industry. For this reason, today he returns to the charge, opening a debate that already has a good handful of responses from the players.

“Please tell me why developers, who work overtime every day to make games, we have to update our games for free“, SWERY publishes on his personal Twitter account. “You all pay $10 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks… Is the world going crazy?” It should be noted that, while it is true that the message is somewhat ambiguous, the creative probably refers to content DLCs and not to the patches that are created to improve the performance of a game after launch.

Players have been quick to comment and quote the tweet to express their opinion. And while there are some who question whether SWERY is solely focused on DLCs or bug fixes, many believe that content developed post-launch should be paid for. Of course, to avoid confusion, practically all users make it clear that updates to fix bugs and improve performance should be free.

The Good Life, the latest from SWERY

This debate is opened by the post-launch content of The Good Lifethe latest title directed by SWERY that was released in October 2021. At 3DJuegos we had the opportunity to play this fantasy and mystery RPG adventure set in the happiest city in the world and, as we already told you in our analysis of The Good Lifeit is a proposal with Suehiro’s good qualities, but also with the bad ones.