Terror, animation and humor, among the new Spanish films to be released by Warner

Warner presents at the San Sebastian Festival the first images of ‘Los Renglones Torcidos de Dios’, ‘La Niña de la Comunión’, ‘Moomios’, ‘The key game’, ‘Good manners’, ‘Aus Pair’ , ‘Como Dios Manda’ and ‘El Test’

Comedy, humor, horror, even animation, are some of the novelties that Warner and A3 Media are working on for the next year. Those responsible for both companies have presented the first images of the projects that they plan to premiere next year and the next in the context of the 69th edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival. Precisely the Warner film Las Laws of the Frontier, directed by Daniel Monzón, is in charge of closing the festival and will hit theaters on October 8.

“We wanted to rescue several of the projects we are working on because we trust in recovering the general public to go to the outings and feel the emotion and feeling that can only be achieved in a dark movie theater”, explained Mercedes Gamero, General Director Atresmedia Cine

Con ella Pablo Noguerales, Managing Director and Senior Vice President de Warner Bros. Entertainment Group, He recalled the terrible public crisis to which the pandemic has subjected the sector, which has gone from 108 million viewers in 2019 to 23 million in 2020. But both have indicated that they have continued to premiere pear of the pandemic to keep the sector active as much as possible. “We have selected five pieces that reflect the diversity of Spanish cinema that is still in the process of creation,” added Noguerales.

Noguerales has reviewed the next premieres in the remainder of 2020 among others: Life is life by Dani la Torre; Mom Dad for Christmas; and on February 4 the Nacho Garcia Velilla comedy Por los Pelos. But beyond that, the projects will continue to arrive:

‘The Crooked Lines of God’

Bárbara Lennie and Oriol Paulo in the filming of the Twisted Lines of God

On the screen a blonde woman puts on a record and starts dancing wildly. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, a man begins to feel bad, he calls her by her name: “Alice!” he yells in despair. She is as if intoxicated by his dance, and does not hear his requests for help or perhaps ignores them? We see the man crawl through the house, crawl like a worm as she climbs on the furniture and continues to shake to the beat of the music. The next shot shows Alice sitting on a bench, staring at the camera, while a voice in off explains: “His intelligence is such that it costs him very little to convince unskillful people and inexperienced psychiatrists. Don’t trust them.”

This is the first and fascinating scene that the producers shared with the press of the film The Twisted Lines of God Inspired by Torcuato Luca de Tena’s novel of the same name presents us with a Bárbara Lennie transformed into the enigmatic Alice Gould. The film, directed by Oriol Paulo (El Inocente), finished shooting on July 25.

The exterior was shot in Tarragona, Torrebonica and the exteriors had to be built in an abandoned Mercedes Benz factory, which has been an intense job and a huge challenge. The premiere of the film will be held simultaneously in Spain and China where Oriol Paulo has a legion of fans. But we will have to wait until October 2022 for its premiere.


Moomios is an animated film produced with 4Cats, and with the team of Tadeo Jones, and that has been one of the longest projects to do. The premise of the story is simple: under the Egyptian pyramids there is a world where mummies live, called Moomios. The story has a hero and a heroine. And in it the protagonist is going to marry the Pharaoh’s daughter. The villain, an English archaeologist, Lord Carnaby, enters the pyramid and steals the engagement ring that the hero needs to marry her. To get it back, they must invade the world of humans to get their jewel back. It will hit theaters on March 18. It is directed by Juan Jesús García Galocha and the script is signed by Jordi Gasull and Javier Barreira.

Good manners

The comedy directed by Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz, who directed the comedy La Cofradía, will begin filming on October 4 in Barcelona. It tells the story of two sisters who have not spoken to each other for many years and one day, when their grandchildren, by accident, become friends in the park, they are forced to overcome their quarrels. In history, the three generations of the family will have to meet again and forgive everything. All told from comedy and constumbrisnmo. Among its protagonists, Gloria Muñoz, Inma Cuesta, Pepa Anhiorte and Bárbara Santacruz.

The communion girl

In an effort to build a horror story a year, Warner presented a horror project based on the First Communion dolls that were given to our mothers, and that we were very afraid of. “It occurred to us to mix it with the urban legend of the girl on the curve and that a girl from the first communion appeared in the curve, with her doll in her arms, in the middle of a road on a Saturday night when leaving a disco in the full 80s. From there, visits from the spectrum began to be common, “explains Gamero. The film finished shooting on July 17. It has been directed by Victor García, a veteran director in the US where he has directed 7 films and who came to Warner thanks to the recommendation of Oriol Paulo.

As God commands

This comedy directed by Paz Jiménez and with a script by Marta Sánchez, and with Julián Villagran and Leo Harlem in the cast, mixes drama with comedy. It tells the story of Andrés Cuadrado, a rigid civil servant and due to life circumstances, he finds himself in a place where the fish is out of the water. The film talks about integration and the need to change. It will be filmed in Malaga and Seville from October 11 and will be released in 2022, although there is still no specific date.

The test

It is the new comedy by Daniel de La Orden that will include Antonio Sanjuan, Blanca Suárez, Miren Ibarguren and Antonio Resines, among others. It is an adaptation of the play of the same title that has been successful throughout Spain and is part of a group of characters who must choose between getting 100,000 euros immediately or a million, within 10 years. It will hit theaters in late June 2022.

I have gone viral

Comedy about social networks that will be shot in April 2022. This film stems from a newspaper story in 2017 and a Facebook post that reflected it and explained: “The anger of an angry woman forces a plane to be diverted because of the chicken that amount”. It had been published by Alberto Marini, a genre scriptwriter and said: “Brutal start of an up in the air comedy.” When Mercedes Gamero read the message, she found out that there was a movie there: “Several people saw that it was the trigger for a fantastic comedy and we asked Alberto that he didn’t see himself doing a comedy, so he put us in contact with Araceli Gonda who did it. turned into a hilarious story. ” In the movie version of the story, the video of the outraged woman goes viral, she becomes “the crazy woman on the plane” and sees her prestige crumble. Then she loses her husband, is fired from her job, has to go live with her father, and realizes that social media is a condemnation.

The game of keys

This adult comedy is an adaptation of a television series on Amazon with the same title. It tells the story of a group of strangers who are subjected to the game of keys that consists of creating pairs in a random way and committing to have sex with whoever has touched you. “It’s fun, contemporary and very cool,” explains the head of Warner. The film is scheduled to be released in 2022, although without a specific date. It is directed by Vicente Villanueva and the protagonists are, among others, Eva Ugarte, Fernando Vallart and Miren Ibarguren.

‘Au Pair’

Director David Pérez Sañudo also explained his new project, a genre film. titled Au Pair that tells the story of a French girl who travels to deep Spain to take care of a very problematic child. In the middle of the greenhouses of Andalusia, dominated by the crop bosses, Nadia, the protagonist, who is of Arab origin, begins to encounter various conflicts due to her Arab origin color. “In the film there is also a criticism of the idea of ​​the body as a container that refuses us to be in society. It is a universal story, but very particular and with great intensity”, explains the director Pérez Sañudo, who to present his proposal has developed a short film, which he will present at the Sitges festival that introduces the approach and the film and which will premiere on October 8 in Sitges.