Thaen movie download by the website Moviesda

Thaen movie download by the website Moviesda

The life of Velu (Tarun Kumar) from Kurinjikudi hill village relies on taking honey. Kappa (Devaraj) of Koluku hill is lying on a bed and is being examined by a doctor. The doctor says that he needs a little honey to improve his condition.

This is the deciding factor in the attraction that he feels towards Poonkodi, who offers honey at a meeting with Velu. The two decide to get married. Likewise, Kannabhan agrees to this marriage as well.

Divide the banana batter into two equal parts, as usual. But in the course of their split, the banana bats did not split properly.

Thaen movie download

A village elder says that Sami did not authorize the marriage after seeing it. Velu and Poongodi get married in opposition to Urai and Sami. It is then that a daughter is born to them. Within a short time, the flower starts to have abdominal pain which is incurable.

Velu returns to the government hospital with his ailing wife after coming down the hill. Velu suffers from the complacency of government officials and the fact that bribes are the only thing that can happen to them. Optimistically, Velu will be able to win against all this and save his wife.

Tarun and Aparnathy have realized and performed their roles to the best of their ability. Whenever it is clear that one is illiterate and relies on the evidence of their citizenship, that person faces the difficulties and hardships of obtaining that evidence.

The hero does not do a great job for anyone else in the film, except for the heroine. Bawa Laxman captivates the fans with the words he utters.