“That you don’t meet your ex in Madrid is a lie”: David Broncano and Adriana Ugarte meet again in ‘La Resistencia’ and cannot avoid “salting”

The actress visited the successful program to present ‘Lobo Feroz’, the film in which she stars with Javier Gutiérrez and opens on January 27.

Adriana Ugarte was the guest of The resistance This Tuesday, January 24. The actress visited the program presented by david broncano to present his next film, big bad wolf. However, all eyes were on the reunion between the interpreter and the successful presenter who in the past they had a relationship. In fact, there was quite a stir among the audience at the Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía when Broncano gave way to the actress.

“I am very happy to be here, I haven’t been here for a long time“Ugarte confessed as soon as she entered the set. The actress, who has attended the Broncano program up to four times, knows perfectly well what the successful Movistar+ format is like. However, despite the fact that both tried to hide it, the tension was noticeable from the beginning of the interview.

Broncano and Ugarte talked about their favorite planets and even when the guest had to leave, but everything changed when they put “el salsa” on the table. “I wanted to break that initial tension,” Broncano confessed, “I assumed there would be a previous moment, until we warmed up because it’s difficult. Ayuso has promised that you will not find your ex in Madrid and then it is a lie”joked the presenter which caused laughter from all attendees.

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For his part, Ugarte said that “it caught my attention that you invited me.” “The content being produced is blowing my mind and I kind of like it. I find it very spontaneous and actually We can’t play anything other than the truth“, highlighted the guest who was noticeable a certain nervousness from the beginning.

We have tried it in the normal way but now it has been redirected

Broncano asked Ugarte how he was watching the interview. Both recognized that from the beginning “things were cold”. However, the comedian noted that he “has gotten back on track.” So much so that the guest dared to leave the set wrapped in a rug on the presenter’s shoulders. Even Broncano declared that “the film is good because I know the acting process to which you submitted“, causing a stir among the public.

big bad wolf hits theaters next Friday January 27thand stars Adriana Ugarte and Javier Gutiérrez.

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