The 10 best films in the James Bond saga, Agent 007

The saga of the MI6 member is the one with the most movies in history: 26 installments. We collect the best of the franchise.

What may be the secret agent movie hits theaters this week James Bond more spectacular. No time to die Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, it is also Daniel Craig’s latest installment as Agent 007. We collect in this TOP 10 the best films of the film saga with the most installments, 25, in chronological order.

1. ‘Agent 007 vs. Doctor No.’ (1962)

Agent 007 vs. Doctor No. is the first film in the 007 saga, with Sean Connery ( Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The rock ), Ursula Andress and Joseph Wiseman directed by Terence Young. Special Agent 007 must embark on a dangerous mission. Mysterious murders lead him to Jamaica. There he must investigate who the perpetrators of these disappearances are, but during his investigation he will discover the future plans of one of his greatest and main enemies, Doctor No, who will try to end the US space program.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple TV and Rakuten TV.

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2. ‘James Bond contra Goldfinger’ (1964)

Released in Spain in 1965, James Bond contra Goldfinger is directed by Guy Hamilton and counts among its cast again with Sean Connery, Gert Fröbe and Honor Blackman. It tells of Agent 007’s adventure when he has to travel to Miami Beach to investigate the gold tycoon Goldfinger who has become one of the best poker players in the world. Agent Bond will pretend to be a guest at the hotel where the businessman is staying in order to investigate him, but when he discovers that Goldfinger does not play as fair as expected, Bond will try to conquer his secretary so that he can catch him, but the murder of this the investigation will change.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple TV and Rakuten TV.

3. ‘From Russia with love’ (1963)

From Russia with love It is the third film of the well-known spy James Bond. Released in 1963, the film was again directed by the writer and director Terence Young (Agent 007 vs. Doctor No., Operation Thunder, Alone in the dark). Nominated at the Golden Globes for its soundtrack in 1965, the feature film stars the actor Sean Connery as Agent 007. Connery was James Bond for six installments in the series. In this, Bond enters the Cold War after the theft of a device capable of deciphering complicated communications that is jeopardizing important investigations belonging to the Russian Government. A provoked assassination tactic will have Agent 007 travel to the Russian country in order to find his target.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple TV and Rakuten TV.

4. ‘Operation Thunder’ (1965)

In the movie Operation Thunder, the NATO base is in danger. SPECTRE, the most important secret organization in the world – introduced in the movie Agent 007 vs. Doctor No.– He wants to take over. Agent 007 must prevent it and for this he will have to travel to the Bahamas, where he must confront the murderers and henchmen of Emilio Largo, the number two of SPECTER. They accompany in the support Sean Connery, Claudine Auger and Adolfo Celi in this new installment directed by Terence Young.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple TV and Rakuten TV.

5. ‘007 At Her Majesty’s Service’ (1969)

In this new installment we have a new Bond agent: George Lazenby, who is accompanied in the cast by Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas. On this occasion, Bond will travel to Italy, where he will have to face the mafia. Bond will conquer one of the daughters of one of the most important members of this organization. She will be one of the key pieces of the investigation in which she will try to combat the allergy that is manifesting itself among women in the town of Blofeld, in the Alps.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple TV and Rakuten TV.

6. ‘The spy who loved me’ (1977)

This new installment was directed by Lewis Gilbert and has Roger Moore as Bond agent. He is accompanied in the cast by Barbara Bach and Curd Jürgens. In this new avenue, Russians and British feel threatened after the disappearance of two submarines from their fleets, leaving only a microfilm as a trace. While the British assign agent 007 James Bond the mission of finding out who is behind the kidnappings, the Russians send the spy Anya Masasova, also known as Agent Triple X. But both agents decide to collaborate against the real enemy: Carl Stromberg, a billionaire shipping magnate who plans to use nuclear submarines to destroy humanity and then create an idyllic new civilization under the sea.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple TV.

7. ‘Panorama to kill’ (1985)

This 1980s film is the 14th installment of Agent Bond’s adventures. This time with a plot detached from the novel by Ian Fleming. With John Glen directing, it is the seventh and last film in which the star Roger Moore (The spy who loved me) plays agent James Bond. In this mission you will have to travel to Siberia and recover a valuable microchip, essential to control the nuclear explosions in the Soviet Union. Behind the terrorist plot is the villain Max Zorin (Christopher Walken, The fire of revenge), a mysterious millionaire tycoon who, through alliances with cutting-edge technology industries, aims to destroy the city. To do this, he has the power of microchips and a powerful and invincible weapon: his pupil. May Day (Grace Jones). Bond must discover the identity of the villain before it’s too late …

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‘8. ‘GoldenEye’ (1995)’

GoldenEye It is perhaps the best of the James Bond films of the 90s. Pierce Brosnan must face, as 007, a dangerous enemy who wishes to destroy the western world with a very powerful nuclear weapon. Next to Natalya Simonova (Izabella ScorupcoGolden Eye), Bond will try to capture the evil villains, and in turn find a weapon to prevent the end of the world.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple TV, Google Play, and Rakuten TV.

9. ‘Casino Royale’ (2010)

Casino Royale It is the first of our selection in the new century, and also the first of our proposals with the blond James Bond of Daniel Craig. Directed by Martin Campbell, it has among its cast Eva Green and Mads Mikkelsen. Casino Royale tells the beginnings of James Bond, who has just obtained the code 007. As his first mission he has to go to Madagascar to dismantle a very important terrorist cell led by Mollaka, but there he will discover that in reality the head of the gang is The number. To end them, James Bond will travel to The Bahamas, where he will try to discover the plans of Dimitrios (associate of Le Chiffre) playing poker against him and seducing Solange, his wife.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple Tv, Google Play and Rakuten TV.

10. ‘Skyfall’ (2012)

Skyfall, Directed by Sam Mendes, it has an exceptional cast including Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and the Spanish Javier Bardem as a villain. It is the third film in which the actor Daniel Craig (Millennium: Men Who Didn’t Love Women) gets into the shoes of James Bond, after picking up the witness of Pierce Brosnan. The famous British agent will have to test his loyalty and friendship towards M (Judi Dench, Her Majesty Mrs. Brown), when the seasoned intelligence chief begins to be haunted by her past. James Bond will have to find out where the danger is coming from in order to stop it and keep not only M safe, but the entire agency and even himself.

Where to see it: It can be rented on Apple TV, Google Play, and Rakuten TV.

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