The 10 most viewed Netflix series: the platform reveals its Top 10 according to viewing hours

The director of the company Ted Sarandos has revealed that ‘The Squid Game’ could unseat the first one very soon if he keeps his data.

Netflix does not usually share its audience data very regularly, but Ted Sarandos, one of the CEOs of the streaming platform, has revealed in his recent participation in a Vox Media conference what are the 10 most popular original series among its subscribers in terms of total minutes of viewing. That the leader of Top 10 it is The Bridgertons We already knew it, since the company had previously revealed that it was the most viewed series of its entire trajectory, but the new data reveals minutes of viewing that help us to know other details, such as that the majority of subscribers who saw the fiction remained faithful to the story during the eight episodes that made up the first season.

These more specific calculations have been made by the prestigious American media The Hollywood Reporter, which has crossed the data of viewing minutes recently revealed by the streaming platform with others that we already knew, such as the number of millions of accounts that had tuned in at least two minutes of the title in question. The second series that leads the top shared by Netflix is ​​a Spanish one, The Money Heist, which has just launched its fifth season and will forever say goodbye to its fans around the world in just two months.

Also, during his presence at the conference, Sarandos also announced what title he thought we could see on the list very soon. And not just being part of it, but leading it. This is the South Korean survival series The Squid Game, which has become a true revelation since it debuted on tiptoe on the platform on September 17. “There is a series now on Netflix that is No. 1 worldwide, in all parts of the world. It is called The squid game. The Squid Game it is definitely our largest non-English speaking series in the world. That’s for sure. And there is a great chance that it will become the most popular series in our history, “says the CEO.

You can discover the rest of the Netflix Top 10 -by viewing minutes- below:


Viewing minutes: 625 million hours.

As we explained, The Bridgertons It has only attracted the attention of almost a hundred million accounts worldwide with its first installment, but those who gave it a chance mostly saw it in full. In the data provided by Netflix, the romantic series set in the London Regency has been enjoyed for 625 million hours of viewing during its first four weeks of availability on the platform.

2. ‘THE PAPER HOUSE’ – Part 4

Viewing minutes: 619 million hours.

Follow closely to The Bridgertons the fourth season of The Money Heist, with 619 million hours of viewing. The fourth installment housed the death of a much loved character and laid the groundwork for the final installment.

3. ‘STRANGER THINGS’ – Temporada 3

Viewing minutes: 582 million hours

It is not surprising that the Top 3 of the podium is occupied by one of the most successful series on the platform. Specifically, more than two years have passed since the debut of the third season of Stranger Things and now the fourth is eagerly awaited, which will be released in 2022. However, already then it seems that fans were waiting for her with open grazes, since in her first four weeks since her debut she accumulated 582 million hours of viewing. On average, it is the most successful, since the data not only reveals that the followers saw it in full, but also that many of them reviewed it again.


Viewing minutes: 541 million hours

Season 2 of The Witcher It is among the most anticipated upcoming releases of the platform, but the first one was a real bombshell in its day, with 541 million viewing hours among the 76 million customer accounts that nailed it in its day. Another series that was fully enjoyed by the majority of subscribers who gave it a try.


Viewing minutes: 496 million hours

The adaptation of the homonymous novel by Jay Asher was a real ‘hit’, so, although the first installment covered the entire story, Netflix decided to order a second installment that, seeing the data and its position in the Top, without It was certainly a true success.


Viewing minutes: 476 million hours

And the first installment follows its season 2 very closely, which was the one that captivated viewers with the tragic story of the suicide of its teenage protagonist.

7. ‘YOU’ – Temporada 2

Viewing minutes: 457 million hours

You It was not a Netflix original series in its first season, but its arrival on the platform was so well received that the streaming giant made it its own. Thus, the arrival of the second season, already a Netflix original, was a real ‘milestone’ and has crept into the most watched.

8. STRANGER THINGS – Temporada 2

Viewing minutes: 427 million hours

The true queen is the third season, but the second installment of Stranger Things is also among the hits of the streaming platform in terms of minutes of viewing. In the second installment, the fans arrived not to give it a try, but already captivated by the first and ready to stay completely.

9. ‘THE PAPER HOUSE’ – Part 3

Viewing minutes: 426 million hours.

And it is not surprising that the third season of La Casa de Papel, the first Netflix original, is part of the list, which the platform commissioned when no one expected to see more adventures of the red monkey band. As you will remember, Spanish fiction belonged to Antena 3, which ended after the second season, but its arrival on the platform was so successful worldwide that Netflix knew how to see the vein. And there were the fans to see it.

10. Ginny & Georgia

Viewing minutes: 381 million hours.

And you may be surprised by the presence on the list of Ginny & Georgia, one of the platform’s premieres in 2021 that may have gone a bit without pain or glory in Spain, but that, judging by the data, has had the fidelity of those who took charge of its history.