The 11 Best Miniseries to Watch on Amazon Prime Video Today

A good, solid fiction with few episodes can brighten up a silly afternoon. Here is the best of the best of the platform.

The love of the series has two serious threats: the little time we have and the enormous offer, which has us all lost. In this situation, there is nothing better than miniseries, short fictions that can be seen in a single afternoon and that can give a lot of joy. If after taking a look at Netflix you are not convinced, here are several recommendations that you can find on Amazon Prime Video.

The 15 best Netflix miniseries to watch today

Amazon’s streaming platform is not known for its original miniseries – its value lies more in having a catalog full of hidden gems in which to lose yourself for hours – but, even so, has launched several fictions that we should not lose sight of. There is something for all tastes and, moreover, with enough level.

Thus, for example, we find a magnificent science fiction anthology series such as Tales from the loop that no one should miss. Or, for the most romantic, titles like Modern Love, which will charm even the most contrary to love. There is no shortage of thrillers like The Night Manager either Little Fires Everywhere, which are a real treat for lovers of suspense. They even have their own The White Lotus, Nine Perfect Strangersfrom the writer of Big Little Liteswhich centers on an eccentric group of people who decide to spend a week high in order to overcome their traumas.

here they go 11 miniseries to watch on Amazon Prime Video and get it right.

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ (8 one-hour episodes)

Yeah Big Little Lies It opened the doors to a fictional world dominated by perfectly imperfect mothers and you don’t want to get out of there, in Little Fires Everywhere you will find a good ally. The series is produced by Reese Witherspoon, who has been betting on women quite successfully for some time now – there it is Wild soul either The Morning Show– and part of a novel by Celeste Ng.

The story centers on Mia Warren and her daughter, who arrive in a perfect neighborhood in the suburbs of Ohio. His path crosses with Elena Richardson, a journalist and mother of four children who becomes her landlady. What begins on the right foot ends in a relationship that shakes the lives of both.

‘The Infiltrator’ (6 one-hour episodes)

Infiltration is one of the best miniseries of the last decade, so it could not be missing in this selection. Based on a novel by thriller John le Carré, the series centers on an ex-soldier who works as a hotel manager. He is recruited by intelligence agents to infiltrate an international arms distribution network and extract valuable information.

At the forefront of this adventure are two aces of interpretation: Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston. They are the perfect excuse to press ‘play’, but they are also accompanied by a story that captivates from the first minute.

‘A Very English Scandal’ (3 one-hour episodes)

One of the biggest media scandals in the United Kingdom has given rise to one of the best miniseries in recent years. A very English scandal It’s based on real events. Specifically, in the political career of Jeremy Thorpe, a very traditional and serious member of parliament who has a secret that makes his reputation explode. Thorpe had a homosexual relationship when it was still prohibited in the country. Although he is acquitted, the case turns against him when his lover is murdered and he is suspected of having her killed.

It’s only 3 hours long and can be seen on Prime Video – a fascinating portrait of one of England’s biggest media scandals

Not much more needs to be said to attract attention. , but there is more. The series is developed by Russel T. Davies, who is behind the great Years and Years and It’s a sin. Leading the cast, Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw. They are on another level.

‘The Underground Railroad’ (10 one-hour episodes)

Barry Jenkins has taken the big screen by storm with Moon light either Beale Street Blues and it could not be otherwise when he arrived on the small screen. With the underground railway -in English, The Underground Railroad-, the filmmaker tells a very dark episode in American history with a delicate and heartbreaking look.

It is based on Colson Whitehead’s novel of the same name and, in turn, on the true story of the Underground Railroad that, during the 19th century, helped African-American slaves escape from plantations in the southern United States. A truly devastating fiction.

‘Modern Love’ (16 half-hour episodes)

If you still believe in love Modern Love is for you. And if not, well, too, because the Amazon series is not the typical romantic comedy where the couple on duty ends up together after a series of potholes. The fiction is based on a column of the New York Times that told different true stories. Some happier than others and above all kinds of love: romantic, family, platonic or own.

Thus, the series is presented as a very particular look at the genre and also offers an extra attraction: they are independent episodes, so if you don’t like one you can go on to the next. Although, to be honest, it is difficult for you to want to skip the chapter because they are all very special in their way.

‘Homecoming’ (2 independent seasons of 10 and 7 episodes)

Actually, homecoming It’s not a pure and simple miniseries, but its two seasons work independently and its short episodes make it the perfect pastime for an afternoon when you don’t know what to watch.

The first season -starring Julia Roberts- focuses on Heidi Bergman, a woman who she has started a new life as a waitress but has trouble remembering where she came from. Years ago, Heidi was a social worker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a center to help soldiers return to life after conflict. Little by little, she discovers that the organization has many secrets.

‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ (8 one-hour episodes)

If what you like most about The White Lotus It’s that feeling of ‘anything goes’ and seeing a group of eccentric characters having a hard time, Nine Perfect Strangers It is the series that you should see. It is from the creators of Big Little Lies, who have chosen a novel by the same author as Big Little Lies -everything stays at home- to develop the fiction. The story takes place in a spiritual retreat center that promises to transform and heal its participants. The organization is carried out in the most absolute secrecy and the guests are about to discover many secrets about them and, specifically, about the hostess -a brilliant Nicole Kidman.

We recognize that it is a half-baked miniseries, since, although it was presented as such, its success has led Amazon to order a second season of which we know very little. It is something that has already happened Big Little Liesanother fiction that was only going to have one season but was so popular that it was crying out for a renewal.

‘The Young Pope’ (5 one-hour episodes)

A priori, The Young Pope It doesn’t have a very attractive premise. The series tells how the Vatican receives its first North American Pope, someone who will bring an unexpected twist to the court. But it is not necessary to stay in that because the fiction is a very funny and attractive story about the day to day life within the Catholic Church. Especially after someone is willing to turn everything upside down.

Jude Law is the protagonist of this brilliant miniseries signed by Paolo Sorrentino, one of the current audiovisual geniuses. In addition, he has the Spanish representation of Javier Cámara. If you are left wanting more, there is a sequel titled The New Popealthough this one is on HBO Max.

‘ZeroZeroZero’ (8 one-hour episodes)

Starring Andrea Riseborough -recent Oscar nominee-, Dane DeHaan and Gabriel Byrne, ZeroZeroZero It was a pleasant surprise after its premiere in 2019. The fiction delves into the Lywnood family, who controls an important cocaine corridor between Mexico and Italy. As you can imagine if you’re a fan of this type of story, internal struggles and betrayals are the order of the day.

A good bet if you like the suspense and mafias troubles that other series have portrayed so well, such as Narcos either ozark. Are they two titles that have fascinated you? Well, try this recommendation.

‘Voltaire High’ (8 episodes of 45 minutes)

Amazon Prime Video

We completely changed the genre to bet on a comedy with an adolescent touch, although not too much. Prime Video has in its catalog Voltaire High, a jewel to discover that comes from France and that has 8 episodes that can be seen in one sitting.

The series is set in France in the early 1960s. The plot takes place at the Voltaire Institute, which has agreed, for the first time in its history, to allow girls to attend its classes. A group of 11 girls will arrive at a center full of boys in the most complicated stage of their lives: adolescence. Hormones and novelty promise to play more than one trick on them.

‘Tales from the Loop’ (8 one-hour episodes)

For science fiction lovers there is this little gem that was released in full confinement and that, if you have not seen it yet and you are a fan of the genre, you should see it immediately. Tales from the Loop consists of eight episodes through which it explores everyday situations and extraordinary events that happen to the neighbors who live above the Loop, a machine built to explore the mysteries of the universe. Sounds powerful, right? Each episode focuses on a different concept, from time travel to parallel worlds.

It is a visually well-cared fiction with great ideas that ends up being a very, very appetizing proposal. If you like this world, you will eat it like popcorn.