The 12 blows of noon: Bruno le Toulousain exceeds 1 million euros in earnings

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Champion of Jean-Luc Reichamnn’s game “The 12 blows of noon”, every day on TF1, the master of noon Bruno le Toulousain has won more than one million euros.

How far will Bruno Hourcade go? The current champion of the game “Les 12 coups de midi”, broadcast every day at noon on TF1 and hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, achieved a 242nd victory this Saturday 25 September. Above all, he exceeded the milestone of one million euros in earnings and gifts. It’s unheard of in a TV game in France.

Daily candidate since January 20, Bruno Hourcade, from Fontenilles in Haute-Garonne, has already won 1,002,907 euros. “We’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Bravo for all your knowledge!” Exclaimed Jean-Luc Reichamnn.

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In the history of TV games, only one candidate had pocketed a million euros. She was also from Occitanie. Marie Friedel, a stay-at-home mother from the Gers, had hit the jackpot in “Who wants to win millions?” in August 2004.

Over the course of his exploits, Bruno Hourcade has won many gifts. Thus, he has already won nine cars! Impossible for him to ask for money in exchange. “I won nine cars but it’s up to me to sell them”, explains Bruno to Parisian. “I can do it the next day. I have no obligation to keep them for a certain period of time, for example.” On the other hand, for cash income, he receives them only after the program has been broadcast.

Bruno Hourcade, in his thirties, has been accumulating records since his participation in the “12 blows of noon”. There’s one feat he hasn’t beaten yet: the world record for winning a TV game. The Spaniards of Los Lobos had won 4,130,000 euros in the game “Boom” in 2019.