The 12 Coups de Midi: Toulousain Bruno Hourcade eliminated after more than 250 participations

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This is the end of the adventure of Bruno Hourcad, the champion of the 12 Coups de Midi. Le Toulousain was released on Tuesday from the show, while he had participated in more than 250 shows. The player won 1,026,107 euros in prize money.

No doubt we thought him invincible. After more than 250 participations in the issuance of 12 Strokes, Bruno Hourcade finishes with his marathon. The Toulousain finally found stronger than him this Tuesday, October 5: he was beaten by Loris, a medical student from Montpellier (Hérault), only 20 years old. The eternal “Champion of the Midi”, originally from Fontenilles near Toulouse, therefore left the adventure with 1,026,107 euros in earnings: never before seen on Jean-Luc Reichman’s set.

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Bruno Hourcade had recently confided in the Dépêche du Midi. The champion had returned to his daily life, rocked by films and thematic sheets related to general culture: “I love to learn a lot of things and I said to myself that I was going to pass the selections. At first, it was to reassure my abilities but also to measure myself against others and confront me on issues that affect multiple areas, “he says full of enthusiasm.

On the LCI set, the Fontenillois returned to his incredible performance: “It’s a parenthesis in his life anyway and we have to say to ourselves that at some point, there is an end and that we will resume our life “, he explained. And the champion to anticipate: “If it stops, it stops, it does not matter, I would resume my life as before …”

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After 252 participations Bruno was eliminated today in the loyal, in Coup Fatal, by Loris, 20, who apologizes for having dethroned him ud83d ude4f u2600 ufe0f
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– Jean-Luc Reichmann (@JL_Reichmann) October 5, 2021