The 2 mysteries in which ‘Way Down’ focuses, the great heist of Freddie Highmore

The protagonist of ‘The Good Doctor’ makes his debut in the Spanish industry with a film about ‘treasure hunters’ and an assault on the Bank of Spain.

A group of adventurers risk their lives to get the treasure of Francis Drake. found at the bottom of the sea. They manage to get hold of it, but the Spanish authorities snatch it from them and it ends up in the vault of the Bank of Spain. This is how it is built Way Down, a heist movie that plays with legends and secrets worthy of a good adventure story. The difference here is that they originate in real life.

Starring Freddie Highmore, Luis Tosar, Liam Cunningham, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Sam Riley and José Coronado, among others, it hit theaters on November 12. Although the comparison with The Money Heist It is inevitable, the truth is that they are very different productions from each other and they only have one point in common: the scriptwriters’ fascination for the security of the Bank of Spain, a mystery that has not been deciphered and raises many questions.

“That legend that exists around the Bank of Spain, especially the vault, was the one that inspired this whole story. Nobody knows very well how that security system works”, account in an interview with SensaCine Jaume Balagueró, director of the film. Rafa Martínez, Borja Glez. Santaolalla and Andrés M. Koppel were the ones who were fascinated by the mystery and had the idea of ​​designing this robbery -although they were later joined by Michel Gaztambide and Rowan Athale-. They carried out an investigation to find out what was happening in there and they brought out several ideas: that the water had something to do with it, that it is ancient technology and that the architect was a most interesting figure.

“It is known that it has to do with technologies of the past. There are no modern things like lasers, temperature or motion sensors, it has to do with something older and it has to do with water.. All these elements are super suggestive “, reveals Balagueró,” From there, we decided to invent what happens in there. The scriptwriters did a lot of research on which architect was the one who created and designed that vault. We investigated his figure, who he was, we saw that he was a very interesting person. “

‘Way Down’, the connection with Spain that Freddie Highmore had been asking for for years

The architect of what is considered a jewel of architecture is Jose Yarnoz Larrosa. In the 1930s, the Bank of Spain devised an extension to the building and they wanted to build a new Chamber with maximum security guarantees. Yárnoz proposed two options and won the most expensive – and, as has been proven, the safest. The architect was inspired by other European and North American banks, which had built their cameras in depth, so that they were far from possible air attacks.

The works began in 1932 and lasted for two and a half years, during which they encountered many difficulties: they could not find a layer of firm ground on which to seat the camera, the strong doors – made of special armored steel – were commissioned from the American company Coffres -Forts York, they used many workers who worked tirelessly for three shifts, etc. Total, the vault occupies 2,500 m2, of which 1,000 belong solely to concrete walls, an example of its strength and impenetrability.

The scene with the 1,000 extras, the water tank and other challenges from ‘Way Down’, the film about the assault on the Bank of Spain

The other great mystery that sustains the plot of Way Down is the treasure of Francis Drake, an English explorer who faced Spain during the 16th century and was considered by the authorities of our country as a pirate. For the reign of Elizabeth I, however, he was a hero. In his expeditions he obtained a large quantity of gold, silver and precious stones, in service to the English Crown.

Some time later, specifically, on October 5, 1804, the Royal Navy attacked a Spanish convoy that was loaded with a treasure collected in the American continent. The coins it contained ended up on the bottom of the sea until centuries later, in 1999, the American company Odyssey Marine Exploration began to extract the lost cargo. By court order, Spain recovered the treasure.

It is exactly what appears in the film, although here it is a group of English who carry out the hunt for the coins. What really interests the protagonists are the coins that belonged to Francis Drake and that contain the clue to a much greater treasure. These messes of pirates, treasures and robberies between countries are very rich material for a film and it is demonstrated in Way Down, a tape that is currently in theaters.

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