The 6 best Turkish series of 2021 to travel to Istanbul without leaving home

The last year has been full of good productions brought from Turkey. If you are a fan of the genre or want to delve into it, take a look at these fictions that have dominated programming.

“Turkish productions have been on our radar for a long time. From the beginning we fully trusted Fatmagul, a shocking story coupled with high-budget quality production and backed by undeniable international success. Results far exceeded expectations“, says Charo Calvo, head of serial product selection at Atresmedia. They were the ones who opened the ban on Turkish series in Spain and, years after the premiere of the series that started it all, these types of productions dominate the national programming and they generate a stir in a large number of countries.

From ‘Fatmagül’ to ‘Mujer’ and ‘Love is in the air’: How Turkish series reached the top in Spain

What do these titles have to hook the public so faithfully? “I love them all. What I like the most are their stories because they usually happen in real life”, Isidra, 66, told in a report in SensaCine. Of a generation completely is Cristina, 14 years old, also a fan of the series that come from the Ottoman country. He loves them to be able to “get to know the culture of that country” and believes that it is “very easy to get hooked on them.”

Whatever the reason, Turkish series are living their golden age. And not by chance. Many years have passed since the premiere of Fatmagul and today her fictional companions continue to triumph, such as Unfaithful, an unmissable event for many viewers every Sunday on Antena 3. Telecinco also has its jewels, such as Love is in the air. Fiction has been the great revolution in recent years and last September it closed its broadcasts permanently, to the misfortune of its fans.

“I’m a fan of ‘Love is in the air’ ‘and I’ll explain why”

There is no one who, zapping between different television channels, has fallen into one of these Turkish soap operas and has not stayed to see what the story was about. Whether because they have a different style, because of their script twists or because of their often tragic premises, the Turkish series has something that grabs us. During this year there have been good premieres and here is the result: we collect the 6 best Turkish series of 2021.

‘Club Istanbul’

Netflix has left us one of the great Turkish series of the year and has done so by rushing 2021. Club Istanbul it premiered last November and soon became one of the productions with the highest number of viewing hours on the streaming platform. Its success has made the company do not hesitate to confirm a second season, which will be released on January 6, just two months after its worldwide launch.

What has hooked is a love story in the underworld of Istanbul during the 50s. Mathilda is a woman who has just been released from prison after serving a sentence. All she wants to do is regain the love of her daughter Rashel, but it won’t be easy, especially when she begins a love affair with an ill-advised partner.


Yargi It aimed to be one of the series of the year and it has more than succeeded. First of all, by escape a bit from the usual style of the Turkish series that we are so used to. Yargi is a judicial drama in which the paths of Ilgaz and Ceylin cross to find the culprit of a murder. They are two highly successful lawyers but with a very different philosophy. All of that is put aside when Ilgaz’s brother is charged with murder and requires Ceylin’s services.

Starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz – two actors who have attracted attention for their performance – is a great production to break with the romantic comedies and family dramas common in ‘dizi’, as these series are called. Behind the fiction is Ali Bilgin, the same from Stiletto Vendetta The Sühan: Revenge and love.

‘Love Logic Revenge’

Love Logic Revenge it came sweeping from Turkey and has done the same when landing in Spain. In our country we can enjoy it thanks to Divinity and, if you have not yet given it a chance and you are a fan of romantic comedies, you will surely enjoy it. The reasons are many.

To begin with, it was the summer premiere of the year, just as it was in 2020 Love is in the air. On the other hand, it has as protagonists Burcu Özberk and Ilhan Şen, who do not stop wasting chemistry in front of the camera. Melisa Döngel, from Love is in the airy Burak Yörük, de 20 minutes, two faces that fans are sure to know. By last, the central axis is an impossible love story that hooks from minute one.

‘Lawless Lands’

Lawless Lands is the original title of Bitter Land, a series that landed last summer in our country by the hand of Antena 3 and that made the news, among other reasons, because it dethroned Arturo Valls and his famous contest in ‘prime time’ Now I fall after ten years on the air. The Serie It is considered a great production in its country of origin, with a team of more than 500 people working for several years to get it done.

Upon arrival in our country, Bitter Land It already had a very good record, since it had succeeded in more than 30 countries. Set in the 70s, the Turkish series tells a love story, that of Züleyha and Yilmaz, marked by a tragic event that marks them for life and that forces them to leave their lives in Istanbul to go to Çukurova, where no one will. known.

‘All About Marriage’

All About Marriage It has not been released in Spain, but in Turkey it was released last September 2021 and, According to the Turkish television audience data, it has been a real success in its borders. There is no title in Spanish, since it has not yet been released here nor does it seem that it has been acquired by any chain, but it could be translated something like ‘All about marriage’.

Exploring this union of a couple from different perspectives, specifically from those of four women from the same family in very different stages of their respective marriages. The central protagonist of the story is Azra, a successful divorce lawyer who follows in the footsteps of her mother, Çolpa, who is about to retire.


Two seasons, 20 episodes. That’s how long the Turkish series takes Yesilçam, still without a date or chain in Spain, to tell its story about the film industry in Turkey in the 60s. There it is considered a miniseries and was received with open arms since it was released last spring, since it had two performers as protagonists that they know very well there: Çagatay Ulusoy (Feriha’s secret) and Afra Saraçoglu (Mrs. Fazilet).

It tells the story of a producer during the golden years of Turkish cinema, Semih Ates, a handsome and ambitious young man who has everything to succeed but is betrayed by his partner and is forced to leave everything and start from scratch. With the need to produce a successful movie quickly, the protagonist meets a talented actress who changes his life in many ways. The series was a real success on the BluTV platform.

Bonus: ‘Ada Masali’, the great loss of the year

Released as Ada Masali: The Island’s Tale In our country, where it arrived last November, the series starring Seyit Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan has not enjoyed a long history in its country of origin, so that, although it continues to be broadcast here and has managed to captivate the fans of these kinds of romantic stories, you don’t have much of a future ahead of you. After the production of 25 episodes, the original chain of the series has put the finishing touch to the story.

It tells the story of Haziran, a cosmopolitan, professional and ambitious woman who accepts a job change that represents a major improvement. The bad? That the new position is on a remote island, which forces her to radically change her life. It doesn’t take long for her to meet Poyraz, a boy very different from her, but with whom an unbreakable bond emerges. Curiously, as it happened with the protagonists of Love is in the Air, the actors have confirmed that their love has crossed the screens.

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